Red' Giant Hamburg

Junior Burger
2007/09/25 03:25:32
Without a doubt, the best hamburger and fries place I have ever eaten at. Located in Springfield, MO on Chestnut Expressway, Red opened his business as a gas station and cottage motel in ,I believe,the early '50's. The restaurant was a courtesy, but it just took over. It closed in the early '80's,I think, but I'm not sure. The last time I talked to Red, he was considering selling his recipes to someone to open a franchise or something, but he said he was hitting some snags on the final split of profits, or someting. As far as I know, it came to nothing, and I believe Red has passed since the, If anybody out there knows if he did make that final deal and who with and what the end results were, I would really appreciate that info.
Eater E.
Junior Burger
RE: Red' Giant Hamburg 2007/09/26 23:44:46
Well, this Kansas Citian never managed to eat there. But I did dance quite a few times to the song the Morells wrote about the place. That counts, doesn't it?
Junior Burger
RE: Red' Giant Hamburg 2009/01/15 14:09:30
To see the most updated info about this landmark, go to
RE: Red' Giant Hamburg 2009/01/15 14:17:47
Red... Robin??.. I hope not they are not very good