Charlies Famous Italian Hot Dogs

John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/09/03 06:44:43
What a treat it was to see Charlies reviewed on! I have been recommending this place for years. The best Italian Hot Dogs in Jersey, therefore the world. What sets them apart from other places, most notably Jimmy Buff's (the originator of the Italian Hot Dog) is that Charlies gives you more and better vegetables. Potatoes sliced nice and thin, great tasting green and red peppers, and bigger dogs than served at Jimmy Buff's and Tommy's, the two other well regarded places around here. I have reviewed hot dogs, and this place is at the top of my list. The hot dog used is a Best (N.J.) all beef frank. Most Italian Hot Dog joints use this dog, but a smaller version. Charlies also cooks it perfectly. The sandwich is always fresh. A lot of the other places leave the ingredients laying around in a steel pit under oil. They are plucked as needed rather than being cooked up fresh to order like Charlies.

My daughter works there so many people think I rate Charlies high for that reason. But she started working there after I had been going for some time and had already discovered that Charlies was the best after trying all the others. Great service also and a clean store. If you've never had an Italian Hot Dog, you're in for a treat. And even if you did, this place makes the best one.
RE: Charlies Famous Italian Hot Dogs 2003/09/04 15:54:33
Dear Mr. Fox,
me again popping upm in another thread like a p...le! Since you are familiar with the NJ area, would you care to comment on any of the Portuguese sausage purveyors in the Newark/ general NJ area? i love both the linguica/chorizo sandwiched in the little boat-shaped Portuguese rolls that show up as far north as New Haven, CT, with some regularity. I am very interested in the Portuguese enclaves in NJ and NH(where all manner of traditional portuguese charcuterie is said to survive) and hope someone jumps in with their knowledge/interest. Thanks a lot.
John Fox
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RE: Charlies Famous Italian Hot Dogs 2003/09/04 20:21:43
Sorry, can't help you with this one. I've never had chorizo or any Portuguese sausages. I wouldn't know where to begin to look. On the other hand, if it's German sausages you're looking for, I can recommend a few places.
Ort. Carlton.
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RE: Charlies Famous Italian Hot Dogs 2003/09/04 22:51:03
Hey, I can even find Gaspar's Chourico and Linguica in a local supermarket. Sure beats driving to Fall River or New Bedford. Now if I could only get them to start stocking Moxie and coffee milk....
Regionally, Ort. Carlton in Athens, Georgia, Deep In The American Southeast.
P. S. The Carolina favorite, livermush, is easily obtainable here, as are several brands of scrapple - but none from the Apple... I leave that for Charlie Parker to explain.
P. P. S. Those hot dogs sound goooooood.
RE: Charlies Famous Italian Hot Dogs 2003/09/09 00:20:52
so what exactly is a italian hot dog? it isn't an italian sausage, is it?
John Fox
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RE: Charlies Famous Italian Hot Dogs 2003/09/09 06:48:45
No, it is a hot dog (or 2 for a double) deep fried and topped with mustard, onions, peppers, and potatoes ((also deep fried) and served on circular, pita like Italian bread. Check the reviews. The flavors blend together creating a great sandwich. Most of the places specializing in Italian Hot Dogs also serve Italian sausage sandwiches.