Dome Dog Replaced by Hoffmans in Syracuse

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/09/03 09:58:08
Good news for all SU fans, Syracuse University is officially replacing the Dome Dog (apparently made by Tobins) with the locally made Hoffman hot dog. Concession stand boilers have been replaced with flat top grills to cook the new dogs.

According to the Syracuse Post Standard, Hoffmans have been sold along side the Dome dog in the past and fans generally have bought more Hoffman franks. Hoffmans have been made locally for years, and I believe are the suppliers to the famous Heids Hot Dog Stand in Liverpool, (except for a brief period when Heid's attempted to expand, and contracted with another firm).

Unfortunatley, Athletic Director Jake Crouthamel was further quoted as saying: "With all due respect to hot dogs, its kind of difficult to screw up one." "You slop some mustard or relish, or onions, or ketchup on it, you can't taste the hot dog anyway. I mean, what does a hot dog taste like? Does anyone know, without all that stuff on it?"

Obviously not a connisseur.