Duffy's Denver.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2007/09/26 19:55:30
Anyone ever eat there in the 70's? I worked there 79-80. For a road fooder that would be a mecca.
My favorite was the prime rib sandwich. No bread, just the smallest cut. It was about 9-10 oz. Sreved with soup salad bread and choice of spud, &3.50, then the queen, 12 oz. $4.50, and the king 16 oz. 5.50. The Top sirloins were massive(supposed to be 8 and 12 oz. they were 2 1/2" thick and went for 4 and 5 bux. The NY must have weighed in at 20 oz and was $6.50.
All that plus home breaded jumbo red onion Rings. We took monster onions and cut them in half and trimmed the tops down. Made fresh every afternoon. Dipped in buttermilk and a seasoned cornmeal breading. Those were a buck. The pork chops were cut there on a band saw. 2 10 oz loin chops grilled for 3 bux. An odd item. The veal parm. They trimmed the ends off the primes before cooking. 2 "cutletts" about 10-12ozeach. Breaded and deep fried. Finished with marinara, provalone and served ofer pasta.
I never worked in a place that cranked like that. The steam table(live steam lines, never cold food). It was six hotel pans long. There was a rail along it to hang tickets. During the rush we'd run out of room and dip them in aujus along the passout shelf.. Each table was called for P/U by the server. The steaks were held totemperature on the steam table in an au jus
You'd have to see it to believe it.
Junior Burger
RE: Duffy's Denver. 2007/09/26 20:43:39
Oh my gosh! I remember Duffy's. I wish it was still there. First time I ate there was 1978 - I was in college. When I moved to Denver after college we ate there a lot as I lived close to town. I remember great burgers, great corned beef. What a great place - great memories!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Duffy's Denver. 2007/09/26 23:31:12
It was still there last year. I just looked it up and the Lombardy's sold it around November 06. I'll bet old Kenny got a box 'o bux for that property! I worked there during the time you mention. Honestly, the only burger they had was a 5 in 1. Served on a small plain bun. I was going to say that we didn't serve corned beef. Duh!, I wasn't thinking. That came from the pantry. They served meatball/sausage subs, CB, and all the salads. The chef seved a CB and cabbage special on thursdays.
The full name was Duffy's Shamrock and it sat about a block off Broadway and about 2 blocks off colfax on court pl. .