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2007/10/01 04:24:58
One of Vietnam's national dishes is ph#7903; (pronounced f#612;). It is a hearty soup.

Pho24 (named for the 24 "secret" ingredients in the soup) is the most popular food chain in Vietnam. There are outlets in major cities in Vietnam. They may also be found in Manila, Jakarta, Singapore, Seoul, and Sydney.

Here are some weblinks: (this site is in Korean)

There are two popular Vietnamese fast foods. The other, besides ph#7903;, is bánh mì(pronounced #712;b#652;n mi), which is a submarine sandwich, using the fantastic French baguettes you can get here.

There is a Vietnamese sandwich chain, based in Little Saigon (Orange County), California, called Lee's Sandwiches (the family name is actually "Le," but it was changed for esthetic purposes). Lee's Sandwiches doesn't sell ph#7903; and Pho24 doesn't sell bánh mì.

I think it would be great if these two chains could get together. I do like to eat my ph#7903; and bánh mì together!


bánh mì

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RE: Pho24 2007/10/01 04:29:25
I tried to show the pronunciations using Vietnamese inflection marks and IPA (the International Phonetic Alphabet). Unfortunately, this forum isn't set up for that...

Here are some close American pronunciations...

pho = fah? (it should sound like you are asking a question)

banh mi = bonn mee

Banh mi is also the word for bread. The Vietnamese often get the words for sandwich and bread confused.
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RE: Pho24 2007/10/01 16:44:11
We have lots of older posts here about pho and banh mi in the International forum.
There are lots of posters here who are big fans, I know I am. I sure like the photos you posted!
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RE: Pho24 2007/10/01 17:00:01
I'm a big fan of Vietnamese food, in general. Lots of good places in the beltway: traditional, "american" traditional, pho shops. Good stuff. I have also found the vietnamese spring roll to be my favorite.
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RE: Pho24 2007/10/01 17:01:44
Ditto Zataar......
I make a pretty good Pho if I say so myself.
RE: Pho24 2007/10/02 19:47:06
hey rouxdog - care to share your recipe? i'd love to make great pho myself, but i'm having trouble getting it right...(something's off about the broth, can't figure it out...)
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RE: Pho24 2007/10/02 20:37:16
I enjoy going to Lee's. They are a great place for a late-night snack here in SoCal!
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RE: Pho24 2007/10/03 08:16:23

===There is a Vietnamese sandwich chain, based in Little Saigon (Orange County), California, ===

A very interesting area that was a great way to learn about Vietnamese culture. For me, it was sometime in the very late 90's. A video store owner had a poster of Ho Chi Minh hanging prominently for all to see. The locals were incensed and a massive protest was happening. This story made national news.
Anyway, I went to see these protests. There was a very large crowd of Vietnamese/Americans, and they were not happy. It was here that I learned about their wonderful sandwiches, as someone was pushing a shopping cart full of them and giving them out for free. The bread was incredible, the sandwich was as good as the photo you posted. It was then and there that I learned about the history of this culture and the French influence in their cooking style.
Fast forward to New Orleans. There is a sizeable community of Vietnamese. It was here I learned about some of their other foods, but I became addicted to the steamed pork buns that were readily available. They are similar to the Chinese version but has hard boiled eggs as part of the ingredients.
This same community was a good place to go for New Years Day and the Fourth of July as they has the best fireworks.

If I get a hankering for pho, I have a soup base that has all the ingredients in it and I can make a good version of it quickly. Check out your Asian markets, you can probably find it.

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RE: Pho24 2007/10/06 09:05:57
rouxdog ... recipe PLEASE

I love pho and there is virtually non here in the Pioneer Valley.
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RE: Pho24 2007/10/06 10:58:15
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