Cape Cod

2003/09/04 11:56:43
We are heading to Cape Cod in a few days, anyone have a favorite restaurant we should try? We are staying in Brewster, but will be willing to drive anywhere on the Cape.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Cape Cod 2003/09/04 12:03:34
We spent three weeks on the Cape this summer. My family especially likes the Chart Room, in Cataumet (near Falmouth, Centerville, etc.) Very cool environment and great food (seafood and otherwise). But...I'm not sure if they're open this time of the year. You should check first. I don't know where Brewster is, so I have no idea whether or not you'll be close or far.

If you make it to that part of the cape, you should also go for dessert to Four Seas Ice Cream in Osterville. It's been discussed elsewhere on the site. Again, make sure they're open.

RE: Cape Cod 2003/09/04 13:41:44
If you make your way out to Provincetown, DO NOT miss a restaurant called Front Street. It is elegant without being stuffy (t-shirts and shorts are fine, it's just the atmosphere that is really nice). Kind of dark, intimate. The food is to die for, and if anyone in your party likes duck...the Tea Roasted Duck is a heavenly experience. And an incredible wine list. A very special night out indeed...but do make reservations.
And The Post Office Cafe has the BEST breakfasts in town.
Both restaurants are on Commercial St., which is the main "drag" (pardon the pun).
RE: Cape Cod 2003/09/04 17:16:47
Phil J. Thanks for the info / I know 4C's will be closed , but we like to go Emack and Bolio's and there is another homemade ice cream shop in Orleans next to Cooke's Restaurant / the name escapes me at this time. I will update the thread when I return with the name because I know we will be visiting that shop after fried clams at Cookes , Cookes also dos fried lobster tails , an Item I have decided to try this year.
Lucky Bishop
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RE: Cape Cod 2003/09/05 02:03:45
My favorite place in P-Town is Clem and Ursie's. I would give you an address, but I only know the town by landmarks. Anyway, order the fried clams and the linguica. Heaven.

The Lobster Pot, in P-Town on the main drag, is a tourist mecca, but it actually deserves the crowds and the praise. Good food, great environment.
RE: Cape Cod 2003/09/05 07:01:45
Hode: Obviously "The Cape" is not new to you if you know "Cookes"!!!!!!!!! The best onion rings on all of Cape Cod! Have you ever tried "The Jailhouse" in Orleans? Sit in the "sunroom" and order my fav "Quiche and Sweat Pea (small?? spinach salad)Salad" Excellent! I have summered on Cape (N. Truro) for 22 summers and of course I LOVE to eat at "Roadfood" places!!! BTW have you ever gone into "Tree's Place" (NOT a restaurant!!!) almost across from Cookes in Orleans"" If you like art work and beautiful's a "trip"! Very different! Check out the current art exhibit on first floor "Illuminations" (excellent!)! But be sure to also go upstairs and check out their unique and resonable gifts as wellas the hand made ceramic tiles!! My favorite store on Cape!
Anyway back to food..."Front St." is also my favorite place to "dine out" on Cape! Be sure to bring your pocket book tho! It's really not any more expensive than any other "fine" restaurant in Provincetown...but it IS "dining out"! Casual dress is VERY acceptable but don't let that fool you for ambience and food! It's the best...and if you go there and it's NOT...let them know! The service is impeccable! But definitely MAKE RESERVATIONS!We are going Saturday night (Sept. 6,2003)!
"Clem and Ursie's" is on "ShankPainter Rd." (A& "Grand Union" is on the same road another block down on the right.).in Ptown. Go down Rte. 6 and take the left at the blinking yellow light,big green state sign says "Shankpainter Rd.". Just about a block down on the left. We don't usually eat there but they have the BEST "Frozen Custard"!~ Hubby and I have spent this summer "In search of the best soft serve on Cape Cod"!!! Some one has to do it right!
"Napi's" is on "Freemont St." in Provincetown and it's also another of our favorites! Again...make reservations if possible! Go there after 6 PM and asked to be seated in the room where the bar'll see why!Look for the life sized carousel horse! A feast for your eyes...truely!! And if you like "Bouliabase"...get it here! Also if you want to just go to Napi's for "Dessert and coffee"...which we also do...get their "chocolate delight" or "Death by Chocolate"...can't think of the name..but it's WONDERFUL!!! Coffee great there too!!!
Now as you come over the bridges to Cape...have you ever tried "Marshland" in Sandwhich??? "Pizza parlor" atmosphere meets "home made gourmet dining"!!! LOL The "booths" give away what it used to be!! Excellent little place! As you travel on Rte. 6A through Sandwhich (w/ the back entrance of Christmas Tree Shop on your right...) toward the rest of the Cape...Marshland will be on your LEFT. As you travel along 6A you'll drive about 3 miles from the Sagamore Bridge and you'll come down a hill and there will be a set of traffic lights w/ a bank on your right and if you went right you'd go to Sandwhich center...don't! Look ahead on your left and you'll see a gas station and a gas tank (I think!) up in the air! Right next to it is little place: "Marshland"! VERY worth the find!!! Great food and great prices! Home made mashed too!!! The liver and onions are great! Rolls made right there! Hubby loves the home made raviolli! NEVER had a bad meal here!
Now...since we're in Sandwhich...ever been to "The Beehive"?? Just up the street a bit from Marshland. So keep traveling on 6A toward the "lower Cape"! It's on the right. VERY nice! A bit more "dining out" than Marshland! Both owned by same people!
Gotta go...cell phone minutes are up!!! Happy eating! Hope this helps! KokomoJoe
RE: Cape Cod 2003/09/05 17:54:17
Thanks Kokomojoe / some of those you listed I have been too but as well some not / I too enjoy marshlands for breakfast . Wimpy's in Dennis on 6a is a great spot for breakfast as well , lots of homemade goodies , also thr Brewster coffee shop on 6a is good also. I have never had a meal less than wonderful from the Jailhouse in orleans. In orleans as well is Capt. Elmer's run by a local fisherman and staffed with his son and daughter . There is a hotdog stand by the wellfleet drive-in called Big Al's / if you ever go by and its open it is worth the time.
I will be happy to update all the festive stops we make on the trip on our return.