Breakfast King Denver

Junior Burger
2007/10/09 19:42:33
Has anybody been there latley Havnt been there since 1976
Junior Burger
RE: Breakfast King Denver 2007/10/17 09:00:14
Well, I guess I'm a little more up with the times than you are. It was probably 1983 the last time I ate there. My dad worked at Robinson Brick not too far from there and I remember it being pretty good. I was only 13 but I remember the portions were pretty big. Maybe someone who was there in the 90's will jump in here pretty soon with an update.
Junior Burger
RE: Breakfast King Denver 2007/10/23 22:58:31
I went there in 2005. Portions are huge, food pretty good but not outstanding. It's no "Original Pancake House" or "Toast" by any stretch.

When I went, I was turned off by the heavy smoke infusing the air, even though I was sitting in the nonsmoking room. Colorado has since passed a law forbidding smoking in restaurants, so the air should be better now.

If you go, enjoy...but check out some of the better breakfast joints, too!