anybody been,pollo campero

Junior Burger
2007/10/10 18:34:19
was watching the food channel last nite and the show was about fried about halfway though the hour they came to this place.pollo campero.its a fried chicken place,that started south of the border,but now in the usa.18 places here in the usa and 15 of them in california.1 in washington d.c. they could say enough about how good this stuff was.from what they showed rolled chicken in a minny cement type mixer,then cold soak for a couple of hours in a cooler, and then pressured looked good to me,sides included,red beans and rice.sausage and beans.and they serve breakfast. so has anybody eatting there.
RE: anybody been,pollo campero 2007/10/10 23:44:15
I tried Pollo Campero about 16 years ago, in Guatemala. I remember that it was decent but very salty; however, food in Guatemala can be okay but is notably uneven, not surprising in a place with such widespread poverty. Maybe chain restaurants do a little better, I don't know. Anyway, we now have PC in the DC area, which has a huge Central American population, but I haven't been back. Fried chicken is a weakness of mine that I try not to indulge too often, and when I do, it's usually Popeye's, though I'm pretty curious to try one of those Korean chains I've read about.
RE: anybody been,pollo campero 2007/10/11 00:00:30
It's very good! I watched that same show on the food channel a while back and then went to my Mac and googled their site and found one location in Dallas. I go there for lunch whenever I'm in their area. I usually order the chicken tenders. Very crisp and tasty.
I love their unusual (for American tastes) sides such as fried plantains. Their relish bar also includes pico de gallo which I love and is a perfect condiment for the fried chicken.
Look up where there is one near you and try it. Then let us know what you thought about it. I found the patronage to be over 95% latino. But, the friendly (Spanish speaking) staff were very patient and helpful with this "Gringo".
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RE: anybody been,pollo campero 2007/10/11 07:30:40
We have one here on Long Island in Bayshore. It can tend to be a little salty but I like it very much. I also like the rice and beans.
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RE: anybody been,pollo campero 2007/10/12 00:42:14
We stopped at the Dallas location on our last roadtrip, after seeing it on food network. It was good. I wish they would open one here in the Phoenix area!
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RE: anybody been,pollo campero 2007/10/15 10:30:33
We have one here,but it is over I think on Fredricksburg Road,aways from where i live,though I may check it out some time.
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RE: anybody been,pollo campero 2007/10/15 10:52:48


Before someone else attacks and alienates you, please be aware that this should probably be in the fast food / franchises / chains forum.

Happy Roadfooding!
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RE: anybody been,pollo campero 2007/10/16 21:55:02
thanks for the replys,and sorry for puttin this in the wrong space.we dont have one up here in seattle so i was wondering how good it was . mics
RE: anybody been,pollo campero 2007/10/20 00:17:44
LOVE the chicken, hate the sides.

Wish there were more of them in Los Angeles.
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RE: anybody been,pollo campero 2007/10/23 09:38:51
There is a Pollo Campero here in Herndon Va.

When it first opened a few years ago, there was a line out the door everyday. I thought I'd wait until the hype died down to give it a try. So a few months ago a buddy and I met there for lunch, I gotta say, contray to most of the opinions here I didn't enjoy it at all.

I thought the chicken was dry (we were there when they opened, so I thought things would be fresh), the sides didn't impress me at all.

Strange thing is I really wanted to like the place, I'll give them another try at some point, but Popeye's is still my choice for fast food chicken.