Peruvian chicken

2007/10/10 23:53:37
They call it "Pollo a la brasa," and it's cooked on spits rotating around like a carousel, about 30 chickens at a time. The smoke perfumes the air for blocks around (probably not so great for global warming; oh well). There are several such restaurants/chains in the DC area; the best is El Pollo Rico, in Wheaton (I heard the Arlington one closed). Servings are huge and cheap, the meals completely proletarian: your choices are a quarter chicken or a half, dark (pierna) or light (pecho); and three choices of sides (you get two) - steak fries, coleslaw, and not-so-great tortillas. They give you two sauces, one a fiery green one (too hot to be jalapeƱo) and a mayonnaise-y one.

Anyone else have Peruvian chicken in their area?
RE: Peruvian chicken 2007/10/11 01:46:21
Yes,check out

I havent been there yet,I talked to the owner just before they opened and he said he would bring us some coupons but that didnt happen.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Peruvian chicken 2007/10/11 07:34:12
According to my son, there is one in Pittsburgh down on the strip. He and his wife like it.
Junior Burger
RE: Peruvian chicken 2007/10/11 11:09:39
I'm living down in the NOVA area, so I'm surrounded by them. The Pollo Factory in Sterling, VA is amazing.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Peruvian chicken 2007/10/11 11:35:56
I have taken advantage of some of the places in VA. Love the sauces.