Shrimp Perlow

2007/10/11 13:46:43
Ok every region has their own version of a home made "stew" of sorts
the swamps of Kantuckee have burgoo, the coastal Carolinas have Bogs, Louisiana has jambalaya, and North Florida, Jawja, and South Carolina have Perlow.

It got cool here last night so i fired up a big ol pot and had some good ets.

CajunKing's Shrimp Perlow

It is best cooked in a cast iron dutch oven or pot with a tight lid

3 Chopped Onions
4 Cloves garlic
1 cup chopped ham
1 chopped bell pepper
1 can stewed tomatoes (medium size)
1 tsp thyme
3 bay leaves
2 Cups washed rice
3 Pounds small shelled shrimp

Fry down the onions, garlic, ham

When brown add the peppers and maters simmer until maters fall apart

then season to taste with the salt, pepper, tabasco (to taste), thyme, bay

add the rice and cover with 1/2 inch of water

Bring to a rolling boil, drop in the shrimps, stir them in and put the lid on

turn the heat to low and cook until the rice is dry and fluffy

Serve and enjoy

for a white perlow, add chicken or sausage in with the onions leave out the maters

other good red perlows

sausage, chicken, rabbit, if you make these add these meats with the onions

shrimps is the only one you add after the rice

RE: Shrimp Perlow 2007/10/11 23:57:33
thanks for the idea....
thats what we'll be having sunday at 1/2 time next to the hot wings corn bread and ham hocks n pinto beans wash it all down with some ice cold yeingling lager gulf shrimp is on sale this week.rabbit season starts saturday so who knows....
thanks CK
RE: Shrimp Perlow 2007/10/12 00:02:31
Amen. GO COWBOYS!!!!

Oh, great recipe. Thanks.