"BEER CAN" Chicken

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2007/10/17 06:52:19 (permalink)

"BEER CAN" Chicken

You just can't beat this for a crispy-skinned whole chicken...finally bought a stainless steel vertical rack with a reservoir for liquids. Better than the can, won't fall over.

Rubbed with olive oil after washing and drying bird. Then made a paste of papricka, garlic power, onion powder, kosher salt, black pepper, thyme, whatever you like, and a bit of olive oil to make the paste. Rubbed chicken inside and out. Added chicken broth and herbs (oregano and thyme and rosemary) to reservoir and baked slowly at 300 for 2 1/2 hours fora 3 1/2 lb bird. WOW!!!!!!!

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    RE: "BEER CAN" Chicken 2007/10/17 12:32:27 (permalink)
    Glad it came out good!!! I make those every once in awhile.. Congrats!!!
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    RE: "BEER CAN" Chicken 2007/10/17 13:28:23 (permalink)
    That sounds great ... we've been making traditional beer can chicken for several years now, and what I've found is that you can overdo it with the spice and a strongly flavored beer ... especially combined with mesquite or hickory chips. I'd suggest a traditional lager and a fairly light hand with the dry rub ... otherwise you get something that is tasty when it's fresh (and you've had a few beers yourself) but is awfully pungent the next day when it's cold. The beer can technique is extremely efficient at imparting flavor ...
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    RE: "BEER CAN" Chicken 2007/10/17 16:15:11 (permalink)
    Not sure about it being better than a can.
    The can you don't have to clean it
    You don't have to store it
    It costs only a nickle in most states
    Can do multiple birds at once
    They come in different sizes
    You get to drink half the contents {this is where the mutiple comes in}
    Overall the can is the way to go. Chow Jim
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    RE: "BEER CAN" Chicken 2007/10/17 16:41:51 (permalink)
    I have 3 beer butt chicken holders it's about 9" x 9" square with a "can" mounted to it.

    3 just fits my grill perfectly. (Stores easily)

    I really like using pineapple juice in the "can" and a pineapple/pepper glaze for the chicken.

    I burned the heck out of my hand one time when I removed the can from the chicken, my tongs pinched the can too far and it leaked straight through my "Ove Glove" and toasted my hand.
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    RE: "BEER CAN" Chicken 2012/11/14 09:26:25 (permalink)
    I use the beer can methodfrequently.
    I like the crisp outside and the tender moist meat.
    I have learned that it is best to place an onion or potato in the neck cavity to lock in the steam.
    My question- Has anyone ever tried it with a turkey?
    It sounds like it would be good.
    Of course you would need to use a larger can.
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    RE: "BEER CAN" Chicken 2012/11/14 09:54:38 (permalink)
    Yes, I've done this with a Heineken keg-shaped can.  It's wider than a Foster's can so the turkey fits a bit more snugly.
    Depending on your grill lid clearance may be an issue.  I have a Weber kettle and the optional rotisserie ring can be used, or in my case I inverted another kettle bowl to act as a lid.  Alternatively, the turkey can be placed down on the coal grate or burners (and raised a little with bricks if necessary) instead of on the cook grate.
    I use a wad of bread or stuffing to plug the neck.  Drizzle it with melted butter and by the time the chicken or turkey is done it's a nice crispy treat for the cook.
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    RE: "BEER CAN" Chicken 2012/11/20 10:28:57 (permalink)
    I make beer can chicken very often during the summer, using America's Test Kitchen's recipe.  It's the best chicken I've ever made.  Absolutely fantastic.  
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