White Pasta Fagiole

2007/10/23 14:58:18
Many years ago, on a trip to Italy ,I ordered Pasta Fagiole in a cafe in Venice. What I got surprised me...it was white...not what I had grown up with in our Italian family. I tasted it and was thrilled. I told the waiter I'd like another bowl..and soon the chef himself came to the table. I told him how much I loved his creationj...he sat and gave me the recipe. I wrote it down word for word and make it for my family and friends....white beans ,chicken broth, a few carrots..and the secret ingredient...lots of dried mint!!!!! Superb. Pasta Fagiole alla El Teatro. It's heaven and great any time..but especially on a winter's day with lots of crusty Italian bread
RE: White Pasta Fagiole 2007/10/23 15:45:23
Ummmm Lee

How about the recipe, PLEEEEEEEEEEZE!
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Glad to give you the recipe.(Sorry the amounts are approximate..the chef told me how with hands.
In a large pot, saute onions and garlic in olive oil.
When onions are clear(don't burn garlic..and about 6-8 cups of chicken stock(good canned broth is fine)
Simmer...add lots of crushed dry mint-peppermint NOT Spiramint,please!!!... by lots I mean about 1/2 cup(you can play with this to taste)Sometimes we even add more.This IS the special ingredient.
You can add 1 1/2 cups of finely chopped carrots if you like at this time.
Then add 3-4 large cans of white cannellini beans(progresso seems to work best for me)Juice and all!! SALT TO TASTE.
Add Kluski noodles(The ones like in Campbell's chicken noodle..or other medium noodle.About 3/4 lb.
Simmer 3/4 hour or so. It will thicken a bit.
Enjoy with you favorite crusty Italian bread, butter, or dipping oil!
There it is ...Lee's Pasta Fagiole alla El Teatro(the restaurant in Venice where I found this dish
If anyone tries this ,please let me know what you think!

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RE: White Pasta Fagiole 2007/10/23 17:14:28
Interesting but I cannot imagine any noodle being cooked for 45 minutes unless you are making glue!
RE: White Pasta Fagiole 2007/10/24 18:01:54
My error...things got typed a little out of order. Put the Kluski noodles in the last 25 minutes. They do take that long. The noodles help give the soup a thicker consistency..so use enough...experiment with how you like it...soupier or thicker. I forgot to add the obvious. We love it with a nice Italian white...especially one from Venice,since that's where the dish originated.
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RE: White Pasta Fagiole 2007/10/25 12:53:31
nice - i never thought of using mint in a hot soup...gonna try that one this weekend...thanks!
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RE: White Pasta Fagiole 2007/10/25 22:46:05
<<I ordered Pasta Fagiole in a cafe in Venice. What I got surprised me...it was white...not what I had grown up with in our Italian family>>

Interesting. My Mom, who is Italian, always made her PF "white style". She no longer cooks (in assisted living), but it was my favoite dish of hers.
It was a thick creamy white broth, and she used Ditali as the pasta. I've tried to get her to give me the recipe, but as with most Italian Moms, it's "a little bit of this, some more of that, maybe 20 minutes, maybe 45 minutes, etc etc."

Maybe the red vs. white is a north/south Italy thing?
RE: White Pasta Fagiole 2007/10/26 16:41:48
ken8038, do what we did in our Italian family: my great aunt sat in my great grandmother's (Italian) kitchen and wrote down "recipes". Some of the exotic ingredients included "a 2 cent cube of yeast". Her ravioli recipe goes on for 3 pages. She just wrote down what great-grandmother was doing in the kitchen. The rest is up to you.

My family makes fagiole with vegetables, beans and ditalini. No tomatoes. It doesn't come out "white" but more like the color of the beans.
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RE: White Pasta Fagiole 2007/10/26 16:59:56
Lleechef has always been the best soup person on Roadfood.com

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Thank you Mr. Sundancer for the compliment.
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RE: White Pasta Fagiole 2007/10/27 22:13:42
lleechef: I decided to take your advice, and thanks for the inspiration! I visited Mom today and drilled her for details and wrote it down. For what it's worth:

Make "About (Here we go already with inexact measurements) 2/3 lb Ditalini" (I was wrong when I said it was Ditali, but I'm only 1/2 Italian so what do I know).

In an iron skillet with just enough Olive Oil to cover the bottom, sautee "some" thinkly sliced garlic until translucent. While that's going, add 1 can drained Progresso (has to be Progresso) cannellini beans, continue sauteing.

Here's the key (according to Mom): Do not throw out the liquid from the can.

Thinly slice one stalk of celery and add that to the sauteeing mixture.

Pour the ditalini into the skillet on top of the rest of the stuff (don't ask me how it all fits at this point) in the skillet. Then, add as much of the drained bean liquid to suit the thickness you want. Sautee "a little longer" and add a little more bean liquid as the soup will thicken during this last sautee.

Voila, Mom's Pasta Fagioli!

PS: I didn't mean to portray it as "white", I just used the word "white" as opposed to red, it's really sort of bean colored.