Broder's A New Portland Breakfast Hotspot

mr chips
Filet Mignon
2007/10/28 15:06:35
Portland, Oregon is a damn good beakfast town and a large number of reviews posted here document that fact very well. Broder's, a Swedish restaurant, has upped the ante and become a major presence.
The smoked trout special, baked eggs mixed with smoked trout, is my favorite. With a side of potato pancake and walnut bread toast, it is a combination of flavors that make me swoon. I have trouble ordering anything else because this is so good.
Also approaching divine status are the aableskiver, danish round style pancakes served with ligonberry jam, lemon and maple syrup options. This is probably the most popular breakfast food in the place and and its comination of tartness and sweetness is one that has to be experienced to be believed.
Swedish meatballs and thin Swedish waffles are also available(both very good) and Trudy had a club sandwich with avocado on the above mentioned walnut bread that was as good as any sandwich I have ever tasted.
I know I sound a little gaga but this place serves some of the best food I have tasted. Its only drawbacks are its small seating capacity(trust me, you will get to know more about the people sitting next to you than you probably want to know) and the fact that you will need to wait a bit even if you arrive at opening time. Hours are from 8a.m to 2 p.m on weekdays and 9a.m to 2p.m. on Sundays
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RE: Broder's A New Portland Breakfast Hotspot 2007/10/30 07:02:12
mr chips-
Your descriptions make the food sound so good and includes some things I have never tried before. Pardon my ignorance, but does Portland have a large Swedish population?
mr chips
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RE: Broder's A New Portland Breakfast Hotspot 2007/10/30 11:02:51
Not a lot of Scnadanavians, though there were a lot Scandanavians in the Longshoreman's union in the 30's. The Oregon coastal town olf Astoria has a large Scandanavian population and an anual Scandanavian festival worth seeing. Broder's came out of nowhere and has brought some great breakfast choices to Portland. I had never heard of aableskivers until Ed Sails brought them up in a post about the Danish enclave in Solvang, California a year or so ago.