Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME

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2007/11/06 14:51:05
I saw my first snow flakes today and somehow that got me thinking about this past summer. And without a doubt, the highlight of my summer (at least foodwise) was my visit to Red's Eats.

For those who don't know, Red's is basically a shack near the water with the reputation of making maybe the best lobster rolls in all of Maine.

The only time I had a lobster roll before was at The Lobster Shack near Portland. After paying for the lobster roll and heading for a picnic table next to the Atlantic, I took a misstep on the rocky terrain and spilled my soda all over my lobster roll. And even though I should have, I was too mad to go back in and buy another one.

When I got to Red's, I was shocked at how long the line was. There were easily 40 people in front of me.

The young man in front of me, turned around and asked if I had been there before. I told him no, but I had always heard great things about it. Apparently, he was just driving by and saw the long line. He decided the place must be pretty good, so he got in line! But, he had no idea what it was he was supposed to order.

It turns out his name was Andrew and he was spending the summer making a motorcycle trip around the country. Since it was late August, he was about to start back home to California. Talking to him made the almost an hour wait go by much quicker. He told me great stories about all the places he had visited during the summer and I told him about some of my Roadfood adventures.

As you get closer to the front, they have a sign listing all the magazines and tv shows that have done features on Red's. One of the listings mentioned Architectural Digest. We got a big laugh that this building was featured in an architectural magazine:

The next important sign you see while in line is this:

That certainly got me excited for the food to come!

When I finally got close enough to the window to see the menu, I was surprised just how big the menu was, considering they were best known for one thing. At the window, I had to you really sell very many hot dogs? The woman told me that it was their second biggest selling sandwich and that many locals who get tired of eating lobsters order it.

We ordered our lobster rolls ($14.00 was market price that day), which were given to us though the window in less than a minute. After surprisingly finding open seats, we dug in. Needless to say, the lobster roll not only met expectations, it far surpassed it. I can still taste how sweet and fresh that lobster meat was. It really didn't need the butter, but I wasn't about to let it go to waste.

I'm sure Red's is closed for the year by now. But, I can guarantee that I will make sure to hit it next summer and probably every year after that. This might be my all-time favorite Roadfood place.

Any other big fans of Red's Eats out there?

RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/11/06 14:55:51
Gawd I miss the North East!!!

BB you got me drooling

Count me in as a Red's Eats Fan.
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RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/11/06 21:43:43
Ye gods, Red's is my definitive choice for lobster rolls: one of the benefits of living in Maine. Not surprisingly, the seafood restaurant across the street from Red's in Wiscasset was very popular, too, probably because it was a sit-down place as opposed to Red's "standing room only."
RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/11/07 08:23:07
We never miss Red's when up there, usually each August. It's always our first stop in Maine, around 11:30 for lunch. A roll each, split a bottle of Chard, then a leisurely drive to our destination - best friend's cottage on Deer Isle.

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RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/11/07 14:18:09
I know we've discussed this in another thread, but will say it again: Red's is my favorite roadfood sandwich, and is in my top 3-5 Roadfood establishments of all time. For $14, it's the best buy there is.
RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/11/07 14:34:41
When we were going thru Wiscasset in October, I said we should try Red's, never having eaten there. However, the line was very long, and time was fleeting, so, after waiting for about 15 minutes without moving, decided to cross the road to another place next to the water. It, too, was an al fresco dining spot. We ordered their lobster rolls, and found them to be very satisfying. Probably among the best I've had. Sorry, can't remember the name of the place, but had a nice chat with the owner, who doted on everyone while serving steamed lobsters, etc. from his post. His wife was in the trailer, making the rolls. A good find, and worth crossing the street when you're in a hurry.
RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/11/07 14:35:44
P.S. I WILL try Red's next time I go thru there (I promise).
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RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/11/07 15:05:29
Buffetbuster you are KILLIN' me. Not only is lobster roll my FAVORITE N.E. food, but I drove past Red's once... and THEN found out it was where I was supposed to stop! (I was really mad at myself. I had gone up to Camden for a rowing race... this was pre-RF website.)

I still have not been there... they're seasonal, right?? Now I am hungry again.

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RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/11/18 08:46:40
I am reasonably sure that Red's is seasonal, but I am just assuming that. If I find out otherwise, I will be headed to the airport to catch the first plane!
RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/11/28 03:57:25
Another Red's fan here! (not just the baseball team, LOL)

I had the wonderful fortune of visiting this place June 6, 2006. I ordered--you guessed it!--a lobster roll, and it was delicious! (It took me until I was 3/4 done to realize what that little tub of hot liquid that came with the meal was for, that being my first ever lobster roll. But later I discovered you could eat it without if it's sweltering hot to cool down!)

I'd definitely go back! (Is there a website? I'd like to order a shirt or other souvenir!)
RE: Red's Eats/Wiscasset, ME 2007/12/17 22:29:41
Originally posted by CajunKing

Gawd I miss the North East!!!

BB you got me drooling

Count me in as a Red's Eats Fan.

I sure do miss the food up there also, but not the cold and snow.