Red Caboose; Rostraver PA

Junior Burger
2003/09/06 17:22:01
If you're ever traveling Route 51 in Western Pennsylvania between Uniontown and Pittsburgh you have to stop at this roadside gem. The dogs and kielbasa are fantastic and the amount of fries is phenomenal. The building is a little red caboose complete with outdoor picnic tables shaded by umbrellas. This placed is usually packed from lunchtime on!
RE: Red Caboose; Rostraver PA 2003/09/07 04:39:52
Can you tell me exactly where on Rt. 51? I have been to Uniontown several times as I have family in California, Brownsville and Elizabeth PA (we usually go to Nemacolin for lunch) but have never seen this red caboose. I would like to tell them to go there!
RE: Red Caboose; Rostraver PA 2007/06/12 13:13:26
I passed the Red Caboose last Friday and it seems to be going strong. Several outside tables had folks sitting there and there were six or seven cars in the parking lot.

I ate there maybe five or six years ago and liked the hot dog, but don't recall much more.

The Red Caboose is on Rt 51 maybe halfway from where you get on 51 from 70 West and Elizabeth. It is on the other side of 51 from the Rostraver airport and if you're westbound, you have to go past the fruitstand to make a U-turn.


Padraig Muldoon
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RE: Red Caboose; Rostraver PA 2010/01/02 18:45:01
The Red Caboose is outstanding.

It's just south of PA state route 136 on the south bound lanes of route 51.  Tuesday through Saturday, 10-4.  Closed holidays.

It's inexpensive and often has a line out the door.

While standing in line there one Saturday afternoon (about 20 people back) a lady in front of me turned and asked what the draw of this place is.  I told her that I could grill similar hot dogs at home, but could never hope to replicate the chili and cheese. 

I've had their burgers, fries and kielbasa, but for me it's 3 chili cheese dogs and a drink nowadays.  Just be sure to hold the stryofoam serving tray under your chin to catch the extra cheese and chili as it falls from your hot dog.
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RE: Red Caboose; Rostraver PA 2010/01/02 21:07:05
While I, too, think I can replicate all the ingredients and toppings served at the Red Caboose, a quick estimate of what it would cost to obtain a caboose and then find a suitable place to put it, would make it unfeasible, especially if I were doing it all just to have three chili dogs...even four. 

   The Bear 
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Re:Red Caboose; Rostraver PA 2010/01/02 22:46:00
Hey, I know this place; it's been there for years. It's near that one light on the right going south? Near the mini golf course? I never knew the name, it was just a place we stopped, back in the '70s.
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Re:Red Caboose; Rostraver PA 2012/12/17 15:43:22
I had to run up and back to Pittsburgh last saturday and was able to stop at the Red Caboose for the first time in many years.  Two excellent chilidogs ($1.15 each) hit the spot for the ride back.
They were pretty busy so I couldn't ask what kind/size of dogs etc, but I think they were skinless and probably 8 to a pound.  They have fries, burgers and keilbasa which all looked good, but I stuck with chilidogs.  There's also a small ice cream place next to it now.   They had two condiment stations with deli mustard, ketchup, pickles, relish and I think onions.
As  Padraig Muldoon said above "hold the stryofoam serving tray under your chin to catch the extra cheese and chili as it falls from your hot dog." 
I did confirm with them they have no phone, after searching for the number online many times.
They're open Tues - Sat from 10am to 4pm.
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Re:Red Caboose; Rostraver PA 2012/12/18 14:00:56
Thanks for the nice report eruby.  I have only been there once and it is a charming little restaurant, with some of the lowest prices imaginable.  Considering there really isn't room to eat inside, I am mildly surprised that they are open year round.  Did you eat in your car?   
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Red Caboose; Rostraver PA 2012/12/18 14:59:05
It was a one day trip, unfortunately for a funeral so I had no time to waste and I did eat in the car BB, and probably somewhat unsafely while driving.  I did put both dogs on a bunch of napkins so I would be able to pick them up with out spilling everything everywhere.
There were a bunch of folks parked and eating in their vehicles, and several of the picnic tables were full too.  I never thought to ask if they were open year round,  I presume they are, but am not sure.  I used to go New Stanton to Rt 51 all the time and always saw a lot of cars, I think they do a good local lunch business.  In recent years, I've gone through to Irwin as my in-laws are in White Oak.  I hope to be back at the Red Caboose sooner rather than later.
And maybe one day I'll get a smartphone so I could at least get some quick pics.  I still have an old dinosaur Star-Tac phone.