Late night meal at Sarge's (with pics)

Filet Mignon
2007/11/11 02:32:01
So, last night I got out of work around 1am and was walking by this delicatessen that my girlfriend's brother said he had had some good pastrami and really great fries at and I was jonesing for a sandwich. They're open 24 hrs, so I strolled on in and ensconced myself in a booth and ordered a pastrami on rye, fries and a chocolate egg cream. The waitress asked me if I wanted coleslaw and pickles to which I heartily said yes. The slaw was ok, mayo based and a little too wet for my taste. the sour pickle was good, but I'm just not a fan of the half sours. They always taste like a cucumber with commitment issues to me (do you wanna be a pickle or don't ya?). The egg cream was ok. I've had better and I do love it when the presentation is in the traditional soda fountain glass. That being said, I saw my waitress make it and she certainly knew how to put a proper white head on it. I think the bill came to $21.00 altogether with tip. They have a pretty big menu and would go back again although not regularly as I'm trying to cut back on the heavy stuff.

Outside Sarge's (3rd Avenue between 37th and 36th Streets (New York City)-open 24hrs)

The awning outside.

A long shot inside the deli. This place is definitely without pretensions. The tin ceiling and well worn leather booths have been around for some time. I was talking to one of the waitresses before I left explaining to her why I was photographing my food and and realized she probably thought I was strange, judging by the look on her face. She said, "You're not from around here, are you?" When I went to take this picture she was just inside the frame and said "You better not take my picture, I'll break your lens. I'm too ugly." You can't get that kind of banter most places these days.

The counter had a lot of different fish and salads to choose from. Not really my thing though.

My pastrami sandwich with some fries staged on the plate. This was very thinly sliced meat and I thought it was good. It didn't occur to me to ask for thick sliced. I've had better at Harold's in Edison, NJ (sorry haven't made it Katz's or Carnegie yet). I only ate half of it as it WAS approaching 2am and thought better of having a whole sandwich in me as I walked home. I did eat the other half this evening warmed up and it was very tasty.

The big reason I came were these babies and they didn't disappoint. I've cutting back on the fried stuff as of late, but these were well worth it. Crispy on the outside and so utterly incredibly creamy on the inside and not at all greasy. These seem to be cut in the style of Nathan's Famous, but these are far superior. Probably my 2nd favorite fries of all time.

A shot of the pickles and slaw.

My egg cream.

Big Ugly Mich
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RE: Late night meal at Sarge's (with pics) 2007/11/11 02:46:07
I'm guessing New York City. Am I right?
Michael Hoffman
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RE: Late night meal at Sarge's (with pics) 2007/11/11 11:05:52
Those are the fries of my youth. And they're the reason I don't order fries today -- because they don't come that way anymore.
RE: Late night meal at Sarge's (with pics) 2007/11/11 11:19:01
Great report and pics- I've heard about Sarges and would like to check that place out one day, along with the Stage Deli.

I'm heading to Pittsburgh for the next few days and I'm staying overnight at my friends' place in Northern New Jersey- there's a Kosher Deli about a mile from his house- I know where we're going tonight!

Now, if we can only get you to post about "regionally correct stuff" in the Boston area!
RE: Late night meal at Sarge's (with pics) 2007/11/11 12:41:44
Nice report! I don't think my mouth is big enough to even bite into that sandwich... Curious what something that size costs? Thanks for sharing the pics..

Richard Mackiewicz
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RE: Late night meal at Sarge's (with pics) 2007/11/11 14:35:52
Billy boy, I live right around the Corner from Sarge's on Lexington.Next time try the O-Rings! They are huge and great! For Breakfast have the Salami and eggs. They always make a great Romanian Steak Dinner and the Turkey dinner is excellent,real sliced turkey. Sarge's Fried Chicken is some of the best around, get the potato salad w/ it. As a matter of fact,I've rarely been disappointed there,except if you order delivery, because they are so busy it takes forever.Corn Beef w/ mustard,get two extra slices of rye,cole slaw,and your in heaven!
John A
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RE: Late night meal at Sarge's (with pics) 2007/11/12 07:39:39
Thanks billyboy, another great report.
Filet Mignon
RE: Late night meal at Sarge's (with pics) 2007/12/07 06:35:57
Great report and photos, I'd never get to bed if I ate that at 2 am.
RE: Late night meal at Sarge's (with pics) 2007/12/07 06:49:05
Thanks billyboy. I will have to visit Sarge's on my next trip to Manhattan.