2007/11/18 15:21:11
Last night we ate dinner at[url='http://www.wmeats.com/meatmarket.html']Wyttenbach's[/url] in Prairie du Sac, WI. We had one of those dining certificates that're purchased at half of face value so it seemed like a good opportunity.

We started with mozzarella sticks and stuffed (my guess is with a crab/seafood blend) mushrooms. The sticks were far too uniform to be made from scratch but the mushrooms could've been, and they were pretty tasty.

I had the 14 oz. ribeye and hash browns, my wife had a chicken breast on a bed of wild rice (not shown on the website menu) and asparagus with a light bearnaise sauce on the side, and offspring #2 ordered the mahimahi with the curry sauce on the side (also with hash browns). I ordered the steak rare and it was technically so although not nearly as rare as when I grill for myself, and the flavor was very good. It even came with a cup of au jus, which I'm not used to seeing with a steak but prime rib is a Saturday special so that might explain it. The mahimahi had a light taste that was almost chickenlike, but I'm no expert so I can't say if that's a good sign or not. But it tasted good. And my wife liked the chicken (which is supposed to be chickenlike). I got the feeling that the hash browns might've come from a box or a bag, though, unless the cook is amazingly consistent in his prep technique and portion size. The salad bar isn't big but contains the basics, and the 2 soups were a pretty good beef barley vegetable and an excellent cream of cauliflower; instead of soup with a few pieces of cauliflower it was more like a lot of cauliflower surrounded by a little bit of soup.

The building is only a couple of years old and the restaurant is upstairs of the bar, which serves to keep out any smoke and noise. It's not a big place (lots of restaurants have private rooms that're much larger) but it was comfortable and pleasant, although it has a vaulted ceiling and I like restaurants with low ceilings in the traditional supper club style. If a gentle snow had been falling outside it would've been quite cozy.

Mr. Mayor, perhaps your family in Baraboo might like to try it sometime if they haven't already.

mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Wyttenbach's 2007/11/19 04:41:44
I am forwarding your review to them. Will report any outcomes.