Where to order great TurDucKens online

2007/11/18 22:48:01
My brother's-in-law are in Boston and love Louisiana cuisine. They loved to visit us when we used to live in New Orleans. I would like to send them each a TerDucKen and maybe some boudin or andouille for Christmas. Since I no longer live in LA, I need to be able to order online and have it shipped to them. I have looked at Poche's and Comeaux's. Is there any better? Are the Tur.....'s great at these sites? Is their boudin and sausages great? What do you think the lead time would bein order to get it there before XMas? For the prices they charge, I would like to hear from you how great they are. Any other online sites that I should look at who has better TurDucKen's than I can order from these sites?
My final question. Do they taste good? I lived in NO for 10 yrs. and never tasted one. Are they great?
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RE: Where to order great TurDucKens online 2007/11/19 00:32:41
Well, the acknowledged leader on the turducken circut is Hebert's:


For andouille, I can personally attest that Jacob's in LaPlace is mighty good:


RE: Where to order great TurDucKens online 2007/11/19 01:26:28

As an exiled Cajun, I love this place!!!


Check this thread out for andouille and boudin

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RE: Where to order great TurDucKens online 2007/11/19 09:22:20
My children and I were in awe watching this on TV this past weekend, Paul Prudhomme made it and so did Paula Deen. It really does look nice, and thats REAL important to me as well as taste.

Cajun King, I like the website you recommended. Which Turducken do you recommend, that is, which stuffing? I will probably take the plunge and order one in February. Thanks for any recommendations.
RE: Where to order great TurDucKens online 2007/11/19 12:50:16

I have had both the seafood jambalaya and the creole sausage with corn bread.

More traditional is the sausage and corn bread dressing.

Both are excellent, so it is up to you as to your preference (traditional/nontraditional)

I usually place an order a month from cajun grocer, I have never had any problems with anything I have ordered.

Going back to the choices above, I could easily eat ALL the seafood jambalya stuffing by its self.