Grasshopper Pie

2007/11/20 01:07:24
HI - if anyone can help. I'm looking for the square Chocolate Icebox Cookies that my grandmother used to make a pie crust for her Grasshopper pie. I thought they were made by Nabisco, but they are not on their website. I live in San Diego. If anyone knows where I can get them, I will appreciate it! Thanks!
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RE: Grasshopper Pie 2007/11/26 17:14:39
I think I have seen at H.E.B. Grocery Stores and at Walmart
chocolate cookie pie crusts from Keebler.I'll have to look again to make sure on that. I know the cookies you are talking about,but haven't seen any lately.
seafarer john
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RE: Grasshopper Pie 2007/11/26 18:54:56
Nabisco offers a somewhat pricey round thin chocolate wafer that I am sure would suitable to crush into a pie crust. My wife, every few years, makes a decadent dessert from those cookies: Twenty or so cookies, each slathered with whipped cream, pressed together and stood on edge, kind of formed into a loaf, and aged for a few hours in the refrigerator - delicious!

Cheers, John
RE: Grasshopper Pie 2007/11/26 22:20:31
Those Nabisco Icebox cookies are in my local Shop-Rite - the log cake is my son's favorite and I make it for all his special events. I'm sure most supermarkets carry them. They would make a perfect crumb crust!