Suggestions for Indian food - Houston, TX?

Junior Burger
2007/12/03 12:54:02
I'll be in the area soon and need some suggestions for a GOOD indian food restaurant to try in the Houston area, near the Galleria.

Oh and before anyone suggests Kiran's, please don't. That place is absolute crap! Overpriced, non-flavorful meat that is simply marinated in a singly seasoned curry....all for a bargain price of $22! Terrible!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Suggestions for Indian food - Houston, TX? 2007/12/03 16:05:15
Good luck on getting suggestions after that tirade on Kirans.
Junior Burger
RE: Suggestions for Indian food - Houston, TX? 2007/12/21 20:47:58
Hope this message isn't too late for you- i love indian food, and Houston has loads of great places to go to if you're not scared of joints that are slightly dive-y. you can basically drive along Hillcroft between Bellaire and Westheimer and find dozens of great places (not quite in the Galleria, but not too far away, and good luck finding good food in the Galleria anyway-- unless you like chain restaurants!). My faves along there are Bombay Sweets (Hillcroft and Harwin)and Sheik Chili (Hillcroft between 59 and Bellaire). Bombay Sweets has a great vegetarian buffet and Sheik Chili is an Indo-Pak place with awesome sag paneer. There is a place in Rice Village called Shiva that has ok food (obviously, being in Rice Village it's a bit swankier that the places along Hillcroft). Madras Pavilion (another vegetarian place) is on Kirby between 59 and Richmond-- they have great food too. Khyber Grill on Richmond is ok as well. If you don't mind driving a bit further, there are a lot of places on Westheimer out near Highway 6... Good Luck, and Happy eating.
Junior Burger
RE: Suggestions for Indian food - Houston, TX? 2012/07/31 03:06:42
There are dozens of great vegetarian restaurants in the city, quite a few on the west side, especially in the Asian and Indian neighborhoods along Bellaire and in Alief. Here are just a few I have been to: