Myrtle Beach pizza joint...Help?

TJ Jackson
2003/09/10 22:18:02
There is a pizza joint that sits on a short road (that itself runs perpendicular to the coastline) just off the main road that runs up and down Mrytle beach. The place serves what I recall is a California style pizza, with a lot of fanciful toppings (chunks of filet mignon, for example, is one of the choices).

Right next door, i.e. in the same building, is a Ice Cream Parlor.

All that is from memory from a few years back, now what I am looking for is the name (nad preferably address) of the place.

Anyone live in that area who could toss me this info?

Thanks in advance....
Junior Burger
RE: Myrtle Beach pizza joint...Help? 2003/09/25 11:28:22
gladly! it is called 'ultimate califoria pizza'. visit , and you will see a listing for it on the site. that is my favorite pizza place of all time, and every time i visit myrtle beach, i try to swing by there. they have several locations on the grand strand, but the one you descibed is the very one i go to! i like having many different varieties of sauce to choose from as well as the 50 or more toppings. its on kings hwy, i believe, but i dont know the exact address. hope the website helps!
TJ Jackson
RE: Myrtle Beach pizza joint...Help? 2003/09/25 22:00:20
Thanks :-)