Starbucks recall--Ouch!

2007/12/07 14:55:02
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 15:03:28
I do not do Starbucks as it is over roasted for me. They can do what they like. It is too bitter.

Paul E Smith
Knoxville, TN
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 15:10:46
I'm with Paul on $tarbucks coffee. I've been hooked on Gevalia since '84, and if I can take the time to sit on my porch with a big mug of Stockholm roast, everything justs smooths out for the rest of the day.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 15:53:56
I think they should recall Starbucks.
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 16:06:52
Starbucks- the whore of coffeehouses!

RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 16:20:37
ann peeples
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 16:56:24
I have never been a fan of Starbucks, ever.
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 18:36:34
Geese you all are cruel. I'm going out tomorrow and buy some Starbucks Christmas Blend beans. So there you bah humbuggers. Merry Christmas.
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 18:47:22
finding a real good cuppa' is almost as difficult as trying to find a cell phone that is just a phone!
I prefer to brew my own at home- I usually use Community Coffee- and FYI I just refuse to pay designer prices for coffee!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 20:12:26
Starbucks...this is a coffee house? This is coffee? As they say in NYC, I know from coffee and I know what a coffee house should be. This is not it.

I am old enough to remember real coffee houses, The coffee was thick and strong like Texas crude oil. Nobody went for the coffee, they went to relate to other artists. The coffee was just the sideshow. The real reason people went there was to rebel against the conformity of the '50's.

I know Starbucks tries to establish a sense of community in their weird little way but it is false and very plastic. Where are the poets, folk singers and the disaffected rebels of the corporate plastic culture? Can I play the bongo drums in a Starbucks? I doubt it.

I did go into a Starbucks once and saw glassy eyed people staring into their laptops drinking overpriced coffee thinking they were hip but each one was so all alone involved in their own drama and not one looked beyond the computer screen.

I had the sense that all of them felt they were in a hip community. I just had to walk out and laugh.
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 20:31:20
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 20:34:16
I don't mind Starbucks. It's the only place to get decent coffee around here, besides 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts. I hate Dunkin Donuts Coffee and for that matter, I don't like their donuts anymore. They are made out of store now and are stale when they get there. My parents like Dunkin Donuts, but I prefer Krispy Kreme, which has pretty good coffee. Alas, it's too far away to get a daily coffee buzz.

Oh, and earlier this year I went to Chicago and went to Caribou Coffee, WOW! I guess it's kinda like Starbucks in atmosphere and I think it's a chain but their coffee is far superior to starbucks. I also found their granola bars in the supermarket.

Listen up to Caribou Coffee: Open up in Florida!!!!

As for the Starbuck's recall, I'm not surprised. It seems that almost EVERYTHING is being recalled these days.
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/07 20:40:51
Caribou Coffee is a Minneapolis based chain second only to Starbucks. We have more Caribou shops in the Twin Cities than Starbucks. In fact I am in the Lake Minnetonka area almost exurbs and there are four Caribou shops within 2 miles of my house.
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/08 18:38:46
To borrow from another thread:

"Frankly, folks, I find these disgusting attacks on a fine restaurant chain to be nothing short of scurrilous."

If I have a choice, I'll go to my local coffee shop but do go to Starbucks when it's convenient, like driving across the PA and Ohio Turnpikes for example. I like their coffee and as with even my local places, a good or bad espresso will depend on the barista making it. So what if they are a big corporation? I give them credit for increasing the awareness of quality coffee, allowing little independents to succeed in markets that didn't exist a few years ago.

As far as Greyghost's apparently LSD flashbacked reminisces- drink bad coffee wearing sunglasses in a dark shop reciting bad poetry to each other? Wow, way to rebel against the machine. The Starbucks I go to seem to be largely patronized by people who want to get a cup of coffee and be on their way. I think you're reading way too much into the experience. Self absorbed poseurs can be found virtually anywhere, even in a Waffle House.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Starbucks recall--Ouch! 2007/12/09 10:05:58
Never been...probably never will. If I have a hankering to pay a ridiculous price for a cup of flavored water, I go to a local shop...otherwise, I brew it myself.