Russian River Pub

Junior Burger
2007/12/09 20:28:44
im planning on driving up to forestville in a bit to go to Russian River Pub and get some wings and i was wondering if ne has been there and if there any good
the ancient mariner
Filet Mignon
RE: Russian River Pub 2007/12/16 18:37:25
The last time I was in Russian River we were still at war with the Japanese, and the girls who were so lovely then and with whom I danced the night away are now Grandmas or great Grandmas. ---------------------but the rememberance is fond indeed.

Have a great time.
Poverty Pete
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Russian River Pub 2007/12/16 22:12:29
Been there. Yes, it's good. The brewer, Vinny Cilurzo, couldn't make a bad beer if he tried.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Russian River Pub 2008/03/03 19:44:26
Pete -

Vinny Cilurzo is the brewmaster at the Russian River Brewing Co, in Santa Rosa, and it is good.

The Russian River Pub in Forestville doesn't brew beer.

RR Pub is basically a biker bar with a revamped menu - think basic American bar fare done extremely well. Its a fun place.

Junior Burger
RE: Russian River Pub 2008/03/03 22:24:55
how are the wings there ive heard their good