Greek Yogurt

Junior Burger
2007/12/20 22:29:30
What's your favorite kind?
RE: Greek Yogurt 2007/12/20 22:51:05
I am totally addicted to FAGE greek yogurt. It's pre-strained, so is much thicker and creamier than standard yogurts. The fat-free has the texture -- and almost the same taste -- as Knutesen's sour cream. Mixed with fresh raspberries you'll think you died and went to heaven!

Here's their website:

NOTE: Because it's pre-drained, it's a lot more expensive. Trader Joe's carries it, and a pint runs around $4.50. That's pricey, but worth it in my opinion.
RE: Greek Yogurt 2007/12/21 23:19:06
I love Fage too and it seems to be internationally distributed.

Liberty - a Canadian concern is good too.

Somehow the stuff you drain isn't quite the same. Try it with greek thyme honey. Utopia!!
RE: Greek Yogurt 2007/12/22 01:24:24
I just saw huge thread of it on International Food, Dec. 16.

32 replies.

Junior Burger
RE: Greek Yogurt 2008/01/13 15:40:28
While Fage is my yogurt of choice it is kind of spendy.

You can make a pretty decent faux Greek Yogurt by buying the 32 oz. container of Dannon Plain Full Fat Yogurt and placing it in a paper towel lined strainer over a bowl and refrigerate. The liquid will drain and you will be left with rich, creamy Yocheese.

I like to flavor mine with anything from fresh/frozen fruit, SF flavored syrups, jam, shredded coconut, etc.
Filet Mignon
RE: Greek Yogurt 2008/01/13 16:29:33
Yogurt makers are very inexpensive and low tech. They will pay for themselves rather quickly. You need to buy a starter yogurt which in my case was Fage. You use a few tablespoons added to scalded milk and the resulting yogurt tastes much the same. Most dehydrator mfgs. sell yogurt making accessories too. I'm sure you might be able to make it in your oven.