Bummer(sorta of)

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2007/12/22 15:02:08
I was at my local fulmer market. They had a nice bonles angus ribroast. It weighed in at 5.25lbs(X $8.99lb). the fat cap was turning a bit green. The butcherboy took it in the back and cleaned it up. Unfortunately he removed the the entire cap and had a peice of beautifil eye of rib. He asked me if I would take it at $1.99lb.
I know itwont roast up worth a darn but for ovely medallions and and steaks, I could resist.
If my camera will work Ill try to post it before I cut it up. I might be able to salvage a roast if I lard it.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Bummer(sorta of) 2007/12/23 13:36:21
Well, it's probably too late, but I'd take that meat, cut it into chunks and make a wicked pot of chili with it.
Hope it turned out to be something you liked.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Bummer(sorta of) 2007/12/23 17:38:24
I didnt get a picture. My cheap camaera is too hard to figure out. I cut the package open today. He put it upsided down. There was still about a an 1/8 th" fat cap(close trim) on it. Unfortunately he cut the tail off flush. I cut 4 10 oz rib eyes from either end and had a beautiful 3lb centercut roast left. After trimming the meat was sweet and beautifully aged. As far as being heathful my cardio would approve of the trim job, lol. It was n Angus and nicely marbled. For 11 bux I did good.