SouthernSpeak for "All the Way"

2003/09/11 16:25:04
I hear descriptions of burgers and dogs in, say New York or Chicago, and some sound really yummy. But down here in the South, we have a whole subculture of burger and dog places that are totally different from anything up north. Of course, there are the Micky Ds, Hardees's, Burger Kings and the like; there are also the "better" burger places, such as Steak and Shake or Fuddruckers. But if you go into one of the many locally owned diners, grills, cafes, bbq joints, etc. and order a burger or a dog, you're gonna get a sandwich with mustard, slaw, chile, and onion served on a steamed bun that practically melts in your mouth, unless you specifically order something different. You can eat one of these loaded burgers or dogs and a few fries, and you are pretty much stuffed. And there's no additional charge for any of these finger-lickin' toppings. The first time I ever ate a burger in NYC, I didn't specify what I wanted on it, since that's not really the custom here. Imagine the sticker shock when my five-dollar sandwich turned out to be nothing more than a hamburger patty on a plain bun with a pack each of catsup and mustard on the side. Sometimes it's really good to be downhome here, lol.