First batch

Junior Burger
2007/12/25 18:51:33
Inspired by several of you, I attempted my first batch of Texas chili today (xmas dinner with family earlier in the week). Not sure how I screwed up, but it took me 2 pieces of cornbread and 3 yuenglings just to get through half a bowl. Either I am a wuss or I used too much something. I took a picture, but can't figure out how to post it.

OK, I figured it out.

Double Cheeseburger
RE: First batch 2007/12/25 20:09:18
That looks great! Nice job; I am a big fan of real (as opposed to ground) beef in chili. Looks like a rich base of chiles and tomatoes. Is there a good bit of chipotle in adobo, giving that deep color & texture to the sauce?
RE: First batch 2007/12/25 20:33:18
matty373, too spicy, too thick????
Junior Burger
RE: First batch 2007/12/25 20:53:43
ron- there is about 2 tbls of adobo sauce. the rest of the coloring comes from the spices i used and a 7oz can of salsa ranchera. there aren't any tomatoes except the little bit in the ranchera. I also used some homemade chorizo (minus the vinegar) along with the beef.

big g- oh how i wish i would have followed your recipe. i really like coming up with things on my own, so i read a few recipes and free balled it from there. it was definitely thick and very spicy, though i could have handled even more heat if it were a different kind. i think i used too much chili powder and ground chipotle. don't get me wrong, it was good and the beef was very tender, i just would have liked it more had it been yours.
ann peeples
RE: First batch 2007/12/25 20:53:56
Looks yummy!!
RE: First batch 2007/12/25 21:09:03
Ya gotta experiment..I always try to make very small batchs until I get it figured out. I can hardly wait for my mouth to get right again so I can cook up some more. It is time for tamles and chili YUM!
Junior Burger
RE: First batch 2008/01/29 11:27:18
Throw in some canned tomato fillets and some cumin, oregano, granulated garlic, paprika, beef broth.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: First batch 2008/01/29 11:40:19
The look of it is perfect to me. I love a thicker chili, but can't argue with the taste. I love hot but there is too hot.