Goober burgers

Junior Burger
2003/09/12 23:15:54
Bizarre as this may seem, there's a place in Sedalia Missouri (home of the Missouri State Fair and Scott Joplin) called the Wheel Inn...a great old drive-in spot that hearkens back to true RoadsideAmerica (it's on U.S. 50 so it genuinely qualifies). Its specialty is, yes, a burger with a schmeer of peanut butter, and I am happy to report that it tastes better than it sounds.
Filet Mignon
RE: Goober burgers 2003/09/13 00:23:57
I believe it was meowzart who mentioned Wheel Inn on a thread a month or two ago. I'm from Springfield and had "friends of family" in Sedalia who we visited, but I never ate at the Wheel Inn. It's on my list of things to do next time I spend awhile in MO.
Michael Stern
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RE: Goober burgers 2003/09/13 03:21:58
It used to be rumored that the secret of the good hamburgers at[url='']Phillips Grocery Store[/url] was peanut butter mixed into the ground beef. They always denied it. At [url='']Al's[/url], a steak house in Locke, California, they put peanut butter and jelly on every table. " />
Kristi S.
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RE: Goober burgers 2003/09/13 09:13:37
I don't know about peanut butter burgers...yuk! But hey, I saw a recipe not too long ago where it called for mixing fresh blueberries in with the ground beef and forming into burgers. Has anyone tried or heard of this? If so, how does it taste? The premise was supposed to be that the berries provide anti-oxidants and make the burgers naturally juicy (you are supposed to use ground round instead of ground beef, really)...
Junior Burger
RE: Goober burgers 2003/09/14 12:48:27
We've taken to mixing blue cheese in with ground beef for our burgers this summer, so I guess mixing in blue berries isn't too far a stretch . Seriously I think it'd be worth a try at least once.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Goober burgers 2003/09/14 13:22:58
There are some earlier posts in one of the forums here regarding the blueberries mixed into hamburger. Am sure they can be found by utilizing the search feature. McGuire's Irish Pub in Pensacola, FL, includes peanut butter as one of the ingredients (along with other "crazy" ones, such as kraut, etc., etc.) in or on its big "Garbage Burger". It all sounds awful but in reality everything mixed together is pretty good.