Chicago: Greek Restaurant?

Double Cheeseburger
2007/12/27 00:30:33

Hi Everyone,

Is there a really good Greek restaurant in Chicago? I'm not looking for a run-of-the-mill or touristy "Greek style" place with gyros and moussaka on the same menu with burgers and fries; I'm really hoping to locate a high-quality Greek restaurant that is reasonably authentic, preferably with hard-to-find specialties. I appreciate any leads....

RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/27 01:42:18
Go to the corner of Halsted and Adams. Pick up a stone. Close your eyes and throw the stone blindly in any direction. Wherever the stone lands, go in the front door, get a table, and ask to see a menu. You're there.

Okay, it's not quite that easy a slam dunk, but Chicago's Greek Town is a good place to start. Pegasus, Santorini, Rodytis, and many others will give you a high quality meal at a reasonable price. Even Greek Islands, which would qualify more toward the "touristy", turns out some excellent food in a great, theatrical atmosphere.

All of these places have extensive menus that include the usual suspects and a wide range of lesser known entrees.

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RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/27 11:04:23
I agree with all of the ones mentioned above. For some reason, I am partial to the Parthenon, also on Halstead. Definitely more laid back than Greek Islands and the food is very good. Plus it is like right next to the Pan Hellenic Pastry shop which you HAVE to go to when in that neighborhood. Get Louie's cookies. They are some of the best I have ever tried. Basically like two brownies sandwiched around chocolate cream. I don't know if they are authentic Greek or not but I don't care.
the grillman
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RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/27 11:08:13
Pegasus has some of the best greek food I’ve ever had. Incredible.
mayor al
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RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/27 11:15:40
I am with Hatteras on this choice. We have enjoyed the Parthenon several times over the years.

On one of our annual roadtrips about 10 years ago we pulled up in front of the place at about 1pm for a late lunch. The car was loaded with a 5 week roadtrips cargo of junk and loose "stuff" and Wolfus, The Wonder Dog.(our Benji-look-alike). The young man standing in front of the place in his black pants and white dress shirt (the low man on the seniority list of nephews, I was told later), didn't hesitate a minute. He said "Give me the keys I will take care of your car for you." He Valeted the parking, gave the dog some water, and parked it within sight of the front door so he could "watch it". We had a great lunch with Flaming Hog Balls and other great exotic dishes then came out to our car at the door step again.

Since then we have returned half a dozen times, never disappointed in the food or ambience...but we didn't have the dog with us after that ! Yeah a $10 tip was in order that day.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/27 11:21:39
Another vote for Chicago's famed...

I was in the Windy City earlier this year and while I had my sights on a pre-Greek Independence Day parade dinner at Chicago's Greek Islands restaurant in that city's Greektown, chicagostyledog steered me towards Greektown's[url='']Parthenon[/url] and, boy, am I glad he did. Picture a bustling, homestyle place with Greek waiters, flaming cheese (saganaki) appetizers everywhere accompanied by the exhaltations of "Opah!" and you've captured Chicago's wonderful Parthenon. This nearly 40-year-old inventor of said flaming saganaki dish also serves a spectrum of great Greek food of which, that evening, we enjoyed saganaki (when in Rome, er...Greece), a wonderful Greek salad, shishkebobbed chicken skewers served with what seemed to be a cardamon-infused rice while my daughter had the equaivalent of a beef, Greek-lasagna. Opah, indeed!

RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/27 11:22:03
I agree with Buddy and his stone method, but the Parthenon is my favorite.
Be sure to have the Roditas (sp)?, the house wine, I don't care for red wines, but this I love. It's home made, no seal, and can't be bought anywhere else. Believe me, my Chicago born and bred BIL has been trying for years.
Oh, and the food is terrific too!
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RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/27 11:31:03
If you're looking for seafood, Santorini would be the way to go.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/27 11:46:07
Buddy's stone method is quite accurate, my opinion. I've enjoyed all of them. My office WAS(now a retired New Mexican)on Adams and within walking distance of Greek Town. I found all the eateries hospitable and delicious. Most, as I recall, post their menus outside. Have a little fun, do some "window shopping" before making your choice.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/27 11:49:21
If you are driving, no problem parking. Good lots, with caring personnel who will look after your ride.
Junior Burger
RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/29 14:11:58
Another vote for the Parthenon. Love their Saganaki (flaming cheese).
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/30 22:51:45

Thanks for all of the replies! We just got back from Chicago--sad to say, we didn't get to a Greek place, but now it looks like we have several promising leads for our next trip. We drove through that area (Greektown) and it looks great; last time I was there was close to 7 years ago, and it seems much livelier now.
mr chips
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RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2007/12/31 05:26:13
My vote goes to Roddity's. I love the mezza plate and the rice pudding. And the house red wine.
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RE: Chicago: Greek Restaurant? 2011/10/08 19:29:36
How so?