Mayo, Secret Sauce

2007/12/29 02:28:26
Okay, someone got real upset about mayonnaise a while back, did not like it. Me neither, but I can deal with it. It's secret sauce, with relish in there that makes me upchuck. I just hate all pickled cucumbers. You see, I can pick out a worthless, unripe tomato slice, while I'm peeking at what's wrong, and digging the pickles out, and I can leave some things behind, onions, ortega chiles, lettuce, blue cheese, jalapenos, lots of things. BUT NOT PICKLES. AND NOT RELISH. AND NOT SECRET SAUCE.
The stuff gets into everything, blast it.
-Scott Lindgren
Junior Burger
RE: Mayo, Secret Sauce 2008/01/03 13:44:54
Hah..i enjoy your passion for condiments. I enjoy mayonaisse the best with a little curry powder or season all. MMM. Relish is a dying condiment, no?