fry varieties

2007/12/29 23:27:47
I saw someone complain about "reconstituted" french fries in vending machines, and I would be a little leery of those too, but I sure have no problem with tater tots. In the last couple of years, I go back and forth between tots, and crinkle cut, both frozen, in pretty big bags. They actually work out pretty well in the oven, it just seems to take twice as long as the package directions to get both as crisp as I like. I've never bought the curly ones. Or the shoestrings.

What I have been looking for are frozen steak fries, but I think I'll have to deep fry those. At Canter's deli in Los Angeles, I tell them to make my steak fries really, really well done. Some of them start to get a little hollow, and I think they all begin to caramelize.

-Scott Lindgren
Filet Mignon
RE: fry varieties 2007/12/30 09:04:21
I used to cook my "tots" in a cast iron pan ... no oil ... medium heat ... they turned out better than in the oven.

... I think I'll make some today, as it has been a while.