Future of the sandwhich

Junior Burger
2008/01/02 10:34:40
Hello all!
I have a general question- Does anyone see new or emerging trends towards the sandwich? I'm sure ethnic is big now and growing. What about breads and different condiments or evening cooking methods?

Filet Mignon
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 10:43:47
One has already emerged ... I like wraps.

Welcome to RF.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 10:52:11
Making a grilled cheese, calling it a panini and charging $3 more.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 11:04:19
I thought wraps went out with the 90s. In fact a mini-chain in Boston changed their name from "The Wrap" to "Boloco," with the theme "inspired burritos" some years ago. They serve pretty much the same overpriced wraps but I think they couldn't keep the prices up serving "wraps" which you can get at any convenience store.

Have paninis run their course yet? Maybe the question is, has a major fast-food outlet done them yet? Actually, the D'Angelo's chain in New England is doing panini-like sandwiches only at their new-concept stores.
Junior Burger
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 11:19:14
Im seeing ethnic cheeses, especially Mexican making their way up front.
As far as Panini goes, Panera does a very good job at them- especially because of the fresh breads.
the grillman
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 11:21:46
Wraps have been around for a while, and are just about everywhere. Same with Panini sandwiches; just another variation on grilled.

I have seen more vegetarian offerings, such as grilled Portobello mushrooms, although I know those aren’t new either.

I have noticed over the last year a lot of places serving mini-burgers or other mini sandwiches as appetizers…….whatever.

Not sure what else you can really do to a sandwich; seems like the best ones are made on good bread, with quality simple ingredients, well matched. How to improve upon that?
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 13:04:45
Wraps seemed to catch fire again during the LOW CARB craze that swept through. (Atkins Diet)

This past year trended towards the panini and minis

I would love to see a focus on the breads, give me a great bread with strong supporting characters and you have a really great sammie.
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 13:22:03
Quizno's is offering something called a "sammie". It's a small sandwich of chicken, italian cold cuts, steak, or turkey with various condiments on a small flat bread. They broil it - it's $2.00, fairly small and low in calories. Perfect for me as I've had a gastric bypass and can't hold much. They even taste good!
Filet Mignon
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 14:54:56
We have a small chain near us that makes wraps called Roly Poly. They've been here a few years but we finally tried when they had a half off coupon a few months ago. They have about 50 different wraps or you can make your own selections. They food is pretty good and we like the fact that they have a large vegetarian and fish selection. I like their Cuban but have them leave out the lettuce and tomato. They make the wraps up fresh to order, roll them in half and press them under a hot press. Theprocess takes a little longer but it's fresh made to order.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 19:52:39
So much of fast food is purchased through drive in windows, and that customer base is keeping the wrap from becoming a food fad. Another thing helping the wrap is the increase in more snack foods. McDonalds has had great success in marketing their snack wrap.

I thought George Will had a column on this a few months ago, but I am having a hard time tracking it down.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/02 19:56:02
Found the article on snack wraps and McDonalds


Filet Mignon
RE: Future of the sandwhich 2008/01/03 10:21:18
There is a sandwich spot in downtown Boston called Chicarreo or something like that. A hole in the wall no seating, one line for ordering, then another line for pick-up. Long long lines at lunch moves rather quickly though. This sandwich is a chicken concocktion of central or south American origin damn tasty. I once thought that this spot would be a flash in the pan but they have remained strong over the years.
After passing this place many times and seeing the lines I had to give it a shot to see what the attraction was. I must say I was not dissapointed in the least, would go back in a miniute.
With their success I'm surprised I haven't seen knockoffs sprouting up.
Vietnamese sub type sandwiches are makeing strong inroads here, cheap,fast and tastey. Chow Jim