Buffalo for Breakfast

2003/09/16 09:33:15
I will be travelling through Buffalo Columbus Day weekend (Sabres opener). While there's lots of great info about places for beef on weck, wings and other area specialties on the site, I wonder if anyone has any tips about good places for breakfast in the downtown area? I'll have my car, but would prefer someplace I can reach on foot from the City Hall area (I don't mind walking a ways). This will be on a Sunday morning, which may either help or complicate matters. Any help will be appreciated.

Double Cheeseburger
RE: Buffalo for Breakfast 2003/09/16 09:37:23
I'm a native of the area, but haven't lived there for a while. I'll contact a few of my friends for their opinions. Certainly, all-you-can-eat brunches are popular (people from my neck of the woods are big into quantity-for-the-dollar.)