New Mexico burritos

Filet Mignon
2008/01/03 17:30:35
Last week in Santa Fe we went to a new favorite RF place: El Parasol (take-out only) and ordered a chicken burrito with green chile. It was really delicious, but the ingredients surprised me. They were:

lots of chicken
lots of green chile
wrapped in a flour tortilla.

That's it, and that's why it was so good: no rice, no beans, no "other ingredients"

It seemed very healthy.

Does anyplace else have a "straight" burrito?
Filet Mignon
RE: New Mexico burritos 2008/01/03 18:57:35
That's the type of burrito I was raised on, i.e. no filler items like beans and rice. Those 'stuffed' monstrosities started making inroads here in So Cal back in the early eighties.

I always order burritos with meat only filling dressed with pico de gallo. If the restaurant won't do that, I order something else or take my business to a place that will do it.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: New Mexico burritos 2008/01/05 07:52:16
NYNM, I would eat that filling, chicken and green chile and perhaps a few bites of the flour tortilla.
Generally, my reaction to a burrito (refried beans held together by a flour tortilla) is no thanks.
RE: New Mexico burritos 2008/01/05 09:45:23
Rouxdog, a burrito is just ingredients inside a flour tortilla. I'm not a fan of refried beans in burros either. Whole pintos though, provide a nice counterpoint to meat.