Sucelt - pan-American - RIP

Filet Mignon
2008/01/05 13:51:32
Oh I feel terrible.

One of my very favorite NYC hole-in-the-walls is demised - just noticed it today.

The place is "Sucelt" a small latin American mom-and-mom place (run by 2 old Hispanic women for years). Only a tiny counter, maybe 6 chairs. It was on W. 14th St & 7 Ave. The "Go-to" place for takeout cafe con leche, homemade sopa, arepas, meat pies and other Latin home cooking food.

This place was an institution, and I have no idea why it closed. I am really really sad.

I hope they don't open a Starbucks in its place (which is possible)

PS I am getting sick of "capitalism." Yesterday I went to an old deli a block away from Sucelt for a small (now very small) cup of takeout coffee. It now costs $1.10. Around the corner it costs $0.75 (for now). This is no Starbucks, it is an old dirty deli. Either everyone wants a buck or these traditional places are going out of business in the Malling of Manhattan. Yes, there have been newspaper articles on Is NY Losing its Soul?. Well yes it is.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Sucelt - pan-American - RIP 2008/01/05 14:11:59
Yep; the Manhattan of my youth is now more memory than anything else. We were down on the LES to hear some old buddies play at a bar, so we had dinner at KATZ'S. The old parking lot across the street is now a luxury condo, about 8 stories high. The remaining neighborhood is "Hipster Disneyland" these days, just a marketing "brand".
One of my daughter's friends lives farther down in Alphabet City, in a doorman building! Say what?!?
Oh, well.
Enjoy wahtever you can while you can.
Filet Mignon
RE: Sucelt - pan-American - RIP 2008/01/05 14:21:11
I'm not the only one:

Goodbye (boohoo) Jenny
Filet Mignon
RE: Sucelt - pan-American - RIP 2008/01/05 14:27:27
Even more: 31 years!!1

I really wish RF could do something about this! I have been going to Sucelt for 20 years! I don't want more yuppie food!!!

(Sorry to be so emotional I am really upset)
Filet Mignon
RE: Sucelt - pan-American - RIP 2008/01/05 14:32:50
I think this now belongs in another section, maybe not, its on International Foods but a little more on OTHER places on the chopping black in NYC just now:

Are other cities having this happen? It seems to me that ethnic places are growing elsewhere (at least in Northern Virginia DC area)...