Los Angeles "fancy" Roadfood

2008/01/06 04:31:05
Here in LA, there are a few "fancy" places I can recommend. These are operations which, while in the city, there are only one of, and which have been around FOREVER, which kind of makes them "destination" stops.
1) The Dresden Room. East Hollywood, unchanged since the '60s, except the food, which has recently improved. Steaks, prime rib, lasagna, $$
2) Musso & Franks. Hollywood Blvd, since 1919. Steaks, lots of veggies, will never change a bit. Great bar. $$
3) Taylor's Prime Steaks. West of Downtown, I've seen John Cusack in here. Good steaks, baked potatoes, great burgers at lunch. Nice mushroom soup on Wednesdays. On 8th St. $$
4) Pacific Dining Car. Also since about 1920. 6th St West of DT. OPEN
24 HRS! Best breakfast in LA served all day. Serious steaks. $$-$$$$
5) Chez Jay. Santa Monica. Steaks, seafood. 1940's style. $$
6) The Dal-Ray. San Gabriel Valley. Steaks, etc. 1950's. $$
7) Tom Bergins. Fairfax south of Wilshire. Irish restaurant/pub.
Historic location. $-$$

Okay, when I say $$, I mean at least $15 entrees, $$$ means $25, and $$$$ means maybe a $30 steak.

Now, I know there will be other suggestions, but I would enjoy hearing some comments about mine. Oh, I almost left out El Cholo (1928 I think), on Western west of DT. There are two new ones in Santa Monica and Pasadena, but you want the original. Classic "Mexican Food", $$.

Bon appetit,

-Scott Lindgren scottlindgren@netzero.net
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RE: Los Angeles "fancy" Roadfood 2008/01/28 10:27:36
Great list! PDC is one of my all time favorites. I have yet to try Taylors although it was on my to do list. Do they dry age their steaks?
Filet Mignon
RE: Los Angeles "fancy" Roadfood 2008/01/29 14:52:31
I have been to the Dal Rae only once------but fell in love with the place! Awesome food and Rat-Pack atmosphere.
Filet Mignon
RE: Los Angeles "fancy" Roadfood 2008/01/30 09:24:52
Don't forget:

Lawry's The Prime Rib, La Cienega and Wilshire in BH
The Palm, Santa Monica and Robertson
Fogo de Chão, La Cienega and Wilshire

All are meat lovers paradises and $$$$. The first two are old L.A. classics.
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RE: Los Angeles "fancy" Roadfood 2008/01/30 11:04:00
Lawry's is delightfully tacky. I ate there last year: http://beefaficionado.blogspot.com/2007/06/lawrys-prime-rib.html

The Palm is technically a NY institution and while I have not eaten at Santa Monica location, nor the one in downtown LA, I think the NY locations ( I have eaten at all 3) are not as good as NYC's top chophouses. Personally I think PDC is a better alternative as it is native to LA, is at least as old as the Palm and I think has better food.
RE: Los Angeles "fancy" Roadfood 2008/01/31 17:28:49
The Grille on the Alley, Beverly Hills *****
The Ivy, Santa Monica*****
Micheals, Santa Monica*****
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RE: Los Angeles "fancy" Roadfood 2008/01/31 20:19:35
I just posted a review of Pacific Dining Car on my blog with a ton of pictures: