Easy (kind of) pulled pork

Junior Burger
2008/01/07 11:41:38
Just want to share my latest experiment that was a total success!

I live on Cape Cod, and good BBQ houses are few and far between, I own a small smoker and have had good results over the years doing my own thing. My problem is having good home-made Que, in the winter months. It's too cold and snowy to tend a smoker all day just to get some ribs or pulled pork for dinner.

Here's what I did:

>Started as usual, 4-6 lb pork butt, bone-in, dry rubbed and let it sit over night refrigerated.
>Lit my gas-grill, set on low, and put the butt on the coolest part of the grill.
>I then placed some large (soaked) chunks of hickory directly on the metal baffles that cover the flame nozzles
>They started to smoke, and I let the butt smoke for about an hour, I kept an eye on it and sprayed the hickory with water to keep them from flaming up. Obviously the grill is made for this, not smoking.
>After an hour, I put the butt into a 250 oven and slow-roasted it for about 6-7 hours. Occasionally basting with a solution of red wine vinagar, red pepper flakes, water & BBQ sauce to keep it moist. The smoky smell in the closed house was unbelievable, my kids kept begging for it to be done!

I took it out, covered in foil, and let it rest for about an hour. At six o'clock, I pulled it off the bone (just like butter), and added some home-made BBQ sauce, it was awesome. Not "super-smoky" but smoky enough to taste, and still nice and porky. Plus, I didn't have to fuss all day with a smoker, as it was 20 degrees outside. Sorry no pictures, but I'm doing it again for the Patriots game on Saturday, I'll send in some photos, go Pats!
RE: Easy (kind of) pulled pork 2008/01/07 12:23:09
Sounds great easy! And welcome to Roadfood. I'm into easy but good ways to cook things and look farward to more of your recipes.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Easy (kind of) pulled pork 2008/01/07 12:56:56
I second Joe's comment.
Filet Mignon
RE: Easy (kind of) pulled pork 2008/01/07 13:47:07
John A
Filet Mignon
RE: Easy (kind of) pulled pork 2008/01/07 17:24:52
Yep, me too - KISS
RE: Easy (kind of) pulled pork 2008/01/10 13:32:00
You can use that same cooking method (albeit with a different prep and baste) with beef brisket to produce a very acceptible version of the famous Texas delicacy.
Junior Burger
RE: Easy (kind of) pulled pork 2010/02/21 21:13:25
easy1, sounds like you did a really solid job in your first attempt at barbecue. My only suggestion would be that the longer you leave it on the grill, v. baking in the oven, the better the flavor.

Good luck in the future...