Alvin Ord's

2008/01/07 16:20:35
There used to be a small chain called Alvin Ord's. I think there were a few down in Tejas and I know there was one or 2 in Rochester (one used to be in Pooch's Pub katty korner from Rochester's Skid Row equivalent liquor store, the Cork & Bottle, and a few doors down from the hard drinking Cadillac Hotel.)

They had a great bread. Schlotzsky's is the closest I have found; I understand the 2 stores were formed out of a business feud between the original maker of the "Salvation" sandwich at Alvin Ord's

That sourdough was just the right texture for a perfect sandwich. I can still remember it now, 15 years since I have last had one..

Anyone been to one recently? I guess there are some down in Texas, and I heard of one in South Carolina.
Junior Burger
RE: Alvin Ord's 2008/05/14 11:41:19
there is an Alvin Ord's in SC & it's wonderful! it's in Port Royal/Beaufort, which is near Hilton Head.