El Serape Riverside Calif

2008/01/07 17:26:38
Ate there almost 40 yrs ago while on vacation out west. The combo taco, rice, and beans plate was awesome. So was the chips and salsa. The waitresses wore authentic Mexican costume which revealed nice cleavage to boot.
RE: El Serape Riverside Calif 2008/01/08 00:21:47
Hmm... I don't know Riverside, but I travel quite a bit between LA and parts east, and there are a couple of Mexican places with signs up on tall poles, on the north and south sides of the 10, maybe 20-40 miles east of downtown. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I think one is El Tepeyac, I forget the other, but they look like they've been around since the '60s, one or the other might be good.
-Scott Lindgren
Filet Mignon
RE: El Serape Riverside Calif 2008/01/08 17:25:05
There's a wealth of good Mexican places right off the 10 here in Fontana.
Junior Burger
RE: El Serape Riverside Calif 2008/01/14 19:04:34
I remember one real Mexican place called Ted and Jeans on Mission Blvd.in Riverside. Was famous with the Hollywood stars stopping on thier way to Palm Springs in the 30's and 40's I stopped in the 60's, iced beer mugs and chile rellenos like i've never had sence. Anyone remember?