Stagg Steakhouse Chili

2008/01/11 20:43:55
Tried Stagg Steakhouse Chili sold at costco...and shock and damn,it was good. Has anyone out there given it a try? My family loves it ,so we keep a six pack or two on hand ...great during the winder..or for a quick meal during a ball game.
RE: Stagg Steakhouse Chili 2008/01/11 20:53:45
I've tried a few brands of canned chili and found that, for me, Stagg's is the superior brand out on the market. At least, it is here on the West Coast. While I generally prefer to make my own chili, if I get the chili urge and I'm too lazy to make my own, I'll grab a can of Stagg's. My favorite is their habanero chili. While there is a little heat, the amount of habanero in a can is probably about a microgram or so. Still, it is hotter that other canned "hot" chili on the market.
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Stagg Steakhouse Chili 2008/01/11 21:20:47
I liked it better when it came in boxes.
RE: Stagg Steakhouse Chili 2008/01/12 14:25:34
If one is going to eat canned Chili, Stagg is as good as it gets, in my view too. I believe the "gap" between Stagg and other brands is pretty large also.
RE: Stagg Steakhouse Chili 2008/02/01 19:17:52
so much to make time for chili...we're heating up a giant pot of Stagg Steakhouse Chili. Thanks Costco!