Steak n eggs

Junior Burger
2008/01/12 09:10:38
~ G'morn-n crewww.
- The sun'll be here in about half hr.
-Had to turn on the heat - was 58 only.!.
Imagine that;
-middle of January & needing heat.
- Anyway, the grill has tank fulla propane, so:
~ A USDA Choice NY cut, 1Lb Steak gets to quit
aging in the fridge & fulfill its purpose
- in life.
-while the cast iron skillet warms to cook
a half DOzen eggs, a bloody Mary might happen.
-A bit later, think I'll go to the RailRoad
- Volunteer Museum in downtown Chandler for a visit.
~ Keep warm RoadFoodies.
RE: Steak n eggs 2008/01/18 11:11:39
Great Philly breakfast sandwich-cheesesteak/egg/cheese-the best!