Downtown LA

2008/01/13 03:16:38
Okay! Listen up Angelenos! I really would like to hear back from folks on this. I have to run up to Pasadena on Monday, so I thought I would look up groceries up there (I'm downtown), and all kinds of places popped up on Google. Now, I know many of you here know about the Galco World Market, in Eagle Rock, for every possible soda pop you can name, but here's a new one for me: The Eastside Market Italian Deli, in Chinatown. Gets great reviews for their sandwiches. Looks like it's north of Temple and west of the 110.
Back in the last century, Boyle Heights was all Jewish, now it's 100% Latino, but it looks like at some point parts of Chinatown were Italian. There's an Italian cultural center along Main St. Anyway, these guys have a website, I think it's esmideli, something like that, and I sure want to hear from ya'll about this place. It's really funny how many Roadfooders HATE Subway and Quiznos, this sounds like the answer to that problem.
For those on the Westside... I used to go to Sorrento deli on Sepulveda, (east side) north of Fox Hills Mall, and they are great, but a real haul from DT LA. They are close to a fun steakhouse, I think it's George's, something like that, great pasta with meatballs, burgers, and cocktails.
Bon appetit! And I invite phone calls and e-mail.
-Scott Lindgren 213 219 7160