Central American bakery

2008/01/14 17:08:46
A small bakery opened up down the street from me, and I wanted to try it so finally got a chance to go there a few weeks ago. I think it's mostly El Salvadoran treats, but nothing is marked! *lol* I just pointed out what looked good to me, then paid for it. I must say that the prices were very reasonable. The first time there, I tried a cinnamon roll--it was quite large but wasn't very sweet, probably a good thing. Most of the baked goods look more like breads than sweet treats, btw. This past Saturday, I returned and this time got an "elephant ear" - which I think is called a palmiere. I was a little disappointed in this one, though; it was a bit dry and hard, although when dunked in coffee recovered nicely. The lady behind the counter remembered me, too! I must return when they aren't too crowded and ask for information on what else they have. The palmiere was only $.60, btw!! They did have some slices of cake, but I don't know what it was - it might have been the tres leches cake--if so, I definitely want to try that.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Central American bakery 2008/01/14 17:15:37
Where are you located?
RE: Central American bakery 2008/01/15 14:24:14
divefl, I'm in the MD suburbs of DC; I've visited international grocery stores before, but never an international bakery. LOL
RE: Central American bakery 2008/01/17 00:16:44
Try the Quesadilla. Not a stuffed tortilla but a sort of cake topped with sesame seeds. Veeery good!