Zaitooni deli NJ

2008/01/15 16:24:34
there's a terrific new Middle-Eastern deli that opened in Red Bank, NJ recently call Zaitooni. it's a mom-and-pop kind of place, and it seems that most of what they serve is homemade. my bf and i tried a few things, and all were excellent! gyros are massive; garlicky, moist/crunchy and meaty, wrapped in top-grade pita with yogurt sauce. falafels were crunchy, herby, and as light as anything deep-fried can be, served with the same great pita. tabouli salad and hummous were fresh and delicious - babaganooj was a standout,as properly roasted eggplant gave the dish a wonderfully deep smoky flavor. after some drooling and discussion over the dessert display, we chose pistachio baklava - unusual and satisfying without being too sweet. in their deli case we saw stuffed grape leaves that absolutely looked homemade, alongside kibbee, spinach pie, cheese pie, fava bean salad, and a host of other goodies too numerous to mention. they also stock some groceries, including that terrific pita bread. run, don't walk!