Snack & Candy Tour PA

Filet Mignon
2008/01/16 15:07:52
Special info for eatingteam Tony et al:

This will get you started.
Be aware the February is Snack Food Month in York County, PA.

Tours are (or may be) available at places like Martin's Potato Chips, Utz Potato Chips, Herr Foods (pretzels etc.), Snyder's Pretzels, Bube Beer, Naylor Wine and Hope Acres Dairy Robotic
DON"T FORGET: Hershey Chocolates
Filet Mignon
RE: Snack & Candy Tour PA 2008/01/16 15:16:43
In my enthusiasm I clicked too fast.


Hope Acres Robotic Dairies (Fresh Ice Cream)
Wolfgang Candy (??)
Renovah Pretzels
Perrydale Farms Dairy (Fresh Ice Cream)
Sturgis Pretzel House (Lititz PA)
and my very favorite UNIQUE PRETZ

As I mentioned, I don't think I'm up to it but perhaps Tony or others might like to organize something.

February? (Snack Month?)
RE: Snack & Candy Tour PA 2008/01/16 15:39:31
yins!!!! I am absolutely in for this. I will put together something in the next week or so and post it. This is so outside the box and just what I have been looking for. One of our Eatingteam members Deb has looked at a cuypcake tour of NY also... might be a good time to put that together soon as well.


any and all suggestions welcome.

February - Snack month?
RE: Snack & Candy Tour PA 2008/02/08 11:28:13
I've been to the Utz tour, it's a self guided tour of the facility from above. A half a block away is the outlet store and it has some good deals. I've been to the Wolfgang candy tour, the factory os a string of rowhouses. The tour was a one-time event on Preident's day several years ago. Snyder's is near Utz and they have tours and a factory outlet. The best snack food tour I've been on is at the Herr's factory in Nottingham PA. Near the end of the tour they bring out fresh chips from the line.