N.E. source of spiced steamed crabs?

Junior Burger
2003/02/27 12:24:36
Is there anywhere within 3 hours of central Connecticut that serves good steamed crabs, well spiced with OldBay like you'd find in the Chesapeake area? Plenty of places serve fried soft shell crabs when in season but not steamed hard shell.
Junior Burger
RE: N.E. source of spiced steamed crabs? 2003/04/09 14:44:16
Up until last year, there used to be a place in Uxbridge, MA called Blue Crab Avenue. It was only open on Friday and Saturday nights and it was really good Old Bay-style steamed crabs. It's closed now, but I wonder if the chef turned up anywhere. If I remember correctly, the guy was a corporate chef during the week and this was kind of a weekend hobby.

Anyone remember it?