Malted Milk

2008/01/24 02:36:55
Is it just me? I tried some Carnation/Nestle malted milk powder a while back (I like it with Hershey's in there), and I think I upchucked later every time. Could I be allergic to the malt? Or the chocolate syrup?
-Scott Lindgren
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Malted Milk 2008/01/24 02:52:48
Well, If you want to find out, Find some real malt powder from your favorite diner and mix it with milk. If there is no reaction then it isn't the milk or malt. Then try it with the chocolate syrup and milk. If you puke then, it's probably the syrup. There might be some preservative that you are allergic to in the NESTLE' or Hershey brand. Maybe you are lactose intolerant?

Just a few ideas.

David O.