Check this out, BBQ in NYC

Fire Safety Admin
2003/09/20 03:12:32
Found this link in todays NY Times. About BBQ in NYC
RE: Check this out, BBQ in NYC 2003/09/22 19:05:51
Interesting article. I've had BBQ in all of the restaurants mentioned in the article except Daisy May's. Although Pearson makes great Brisket, nothing has compared to the BBQ I've had in the south. Even the BBQ I've had in Northern California (Doug's in Emmeryville) has surpassed most of these NY eateries. I don't know why this is but I keep hoping things will change. I will certainly try Pearson's new place, and although I was disappointed in Blue Smoke, I will try them again, too. I have fond memories of Smokey's and I think they ultimately came the closest to true southern BBQ but, somehow, I don't think BBQ is going to be one of NY's best cuisines <sigh>
Junior Burger
RE: Check this out, BBQ in NYC 2003/10/04 03:45:17
I seem to always be touting Brother Jimmy's in this forum (No, I don't own stock) and I feel, in this case, I must do so again. I think the best sauced Ribs in NYC can be found at Brother Jimmy's (they call them Northern Style). I think BJ's gets consistantly snubbed because of the frat bar atmosphere the bar takes on at night.
RE: Check this out, BBQ in NYC 2003/10/04 12:26:12
You're right, Flatted. I've been to Brother Jimmy's a bunch of times. I almost feel embarrassed to admit that I really like this place. The sauce is really tasty.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Check this out, BBQ in NYC 2003/10/07 07:14:22
Count me in on the Brother Jimmy's fan list. Every time I'm on the Upper East Side (not often any more) I find myself being magnetized to that place. I, however, enjoy the buffalo wings immensely.