Red or white?

Filet Mignon
2008/01/25 15:44:36
Since a recent trip to Germany, I've really been enjoying nice wine. Had some lovely Reisling over there. I keep trying red wines, but even beaujolais is too tannic for me. So I'm exploring sauvignon blanc, gewurtz abd chardonnay. What's you poison?
Filet Mignon
RE: Red or white? 2008/01/25 19:24:36
I buy it in the gallon jug twist off the cap pour it in my wine glass {an old Welches jelly jar} and let it rip.
I've been to numerous wine tasteings, dinners with pairings and even stay at a vineyard in Va. and still just enjoy my Fortissimo.
The wine tasteings always ammuse me. They drink slurp and spit.
If I did that at my fathers table look for the backhand.
I try and still try to look for the undertones in a wine but I guess my pallate is still uneducated.
I also must say I'm a huge beer drinker and I feel the same way about these craft beers. Some are quite good but for the most part I'll stick to Budwieser. Chow Jim
Filet Mignon
RE: Red or white? 2008/01/25 21:40:24
Gewurz and J'berg Riesling.
RE: Red or white? 2008/01/25 23:31:49
I am pretty much a red wine man. I leave the Chardonnay to my wife.

Jimeats, I am sorry but Budweiser is not beer. I am very discerning when it comes to beer. I guess I can't say the same about wine though. 2 litre Gallo wines at $6.99 a bottle seem good enough for me.
RE: Red or white? 2008/01/26 10:14:12
Correct....Bud is NOT least not any more...expensive water!.as are most american national brands. Gallo is grape juice with a kick(no love as an ingredient in the making of that one!)
In answer to the question,I choose according to the meal...I prefer a good Red wine,but will go a white with fish.
I like a Merlot whem just drinking...or with cheese and bread. I usually check with our liquor store for suggestions...quality wines at great prices are out there...Start by asking!!!! And then find one to your taste..and enjoy. That, I think, is perhaps the BEST answer to this question!
Filet Mignon
RE: Red or white? 2008/01/26 20:21:28
Aren't there any winos out there? I didn't mean to sound pretentious...
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Red or white? 2008/01/26 21:16:43
Yes NYNM...I prefer wine ... A nice Pinot Grigio for me !