PJ's pancake house.

2008/01/26 21:50:03
I work in Princeton NJ and a lot of people have mentioned PJ's as a local legend of pancake houses. Well after a few visits I have to say I would not recommend that dump to anyone. Maybe it is legend and has a colorful history but I have never thought the experiance is worth the ridiculus price. It is crowded, dirty and not a warm friendly environment for breakfast. I felt herded into a seat, barely noticed by the waitress and nothing spectatular was ever served. I have been there a handful of times now by choice and with a group and was really disappointed. Yeah chocolate chips are good and the fruit topped waffles are good but nothing at all extrodinary and certainly not worth the prices. At one time the writing all over everthing would have been cute, but know the place looks and feels dirty. The silverwear feels dirty. The policy of putting ice water out before anyone it sitting seems crazy. I see most people sit down, look at a glass of water that preceeded them and think like I did the first time, "who's is this". The waitress told me that they always put water out with the setting so no one has to ask for it. I don't know I think I would have liked it as a college kid, with money (which I wasn't) but for a place to eat now, it's off my list.